September 06, 2004

Hi All!

It's been forever since I've actually been able to post anything here, but I'm finally back.

Things started to get out of shape when our Webmaster Marcus set up a new server and we had difficulties moving our archives etc. Seems like we were orphans of the storm for a while. I must admit that I gave Rob a bit of a serve on Saturday and yesterday he gave it his best shot and rose to the occasion.

Lots of news since I last posted. Some wonderful and some terrible. I'm going to post the wonderful news first, because that's the order in which it happened - the rest I'll deal with later in another posting.

I started my leave on August 6th and go back to work tomorrow Sept. 7th...I wish it could be longer as I really do need the extra time to get myself back on an even keel.

August 14th: Rob and I were married at 4pm, in the lounge-room of our home in Normanhurst. It was a simple yet romantic ceremony, with lots of candlelight and beautiful flowers everywhere. Russell Hansen was the celebrant and we have to thank him for making the ceremony so personal and so very special for us. It was also really informal, which meant that everyone was at ease.

I must say that I am so happy and so honoured to be my wonderful Rob's wife. If you'd have told me 6yrs ago that I'd be getting married again, I wouldn't have believed you. Now here I am, married to the most special man in the World.

We must say a huge 'thank you' to Lesley Connor and her husband Daniel, who were our witnesses. Lesley gave us the flowers as a wedding gift. She took the time to go to the markets on the Saturday morning to buy them, then went home and did three beautiful arrangements. She also supplied some of the candleholders and candles, not to mention a lovely rose quartz globe for the table. (the globe was from Dan & Lesley's own wedding.) Apart from that, they gave us a glorious piece of amethyst crystal, which is now on a stand on top of a display cabinet.

We must also thank my eldest daughter Jacqui and her life-partner Phil, for making the trip from Melbourne for the wedding. They had to come, or my granddaughter Kate wouldn't have been able to be our ring-bearer. (She made such a cute Froddo!)

We also had calls and best wishes from all but one of my offspring. My son Karl said, jokingly, that he hoped Rob didn't expect to be called dad! (As most of you know, Karl is older than Rob.) Thanks kids for welcoming Rob to our family.

The wedding supper was held at our local Pizza joint. The Normanhurst Pizza Cafe. I know that sounds odd, but it's a great little restaurant, run by a great family. As quite a few of our 20 guests are gamers, pizza was a natural, seeing as it's just about the staple diet. Not only was it handy for us, being just down the road, but they serve the best Pizza in Sydney - their blue vein pizza bread is to die for! I think everyone had a great time and I know some guests are aiming to go back again for another visit.
A huge thanks to Helen & Joe Khoudair and their staff, for making sure everone had a terrific time.

Some of the guests wandered back to our place after the party and we finally called it a night at about 1am. By that time Katie had well and truly crashed. The next day was spent just bumming around the house with Jacqui, Phil and Katie. Phil and Katie had fun playing soccer with a volley ball that mysteriously appeared in our yard. It had been 12mths since we'd been with them in Melbourne, so we did a bit of catching up. Unfortunately they had to get home on the Sunday evening, so after dinner they left for the airport. It was nice that they had hired a car, so that Rob didn't have to drive all the way across the city.

Monday we had a leisurely start to the day and then took to the highway for our trip to Lovedale Cottages at Lovedale, in the beautiful Hunter Valley, where we were to spend our honeymoon. Argenta (our 2002 Ford Laser) went like a dream. We got lost on the way - we usually do. The maps we had were as good as useless, so we stopped at a truckstop and bought a better one. We still ended up ringing the owner of the cottages and asking directions ... it turned out we were nearly there anyway.

We loved our cottage. We loved the log fire. We loved the seclusion. We loved the owners Kelpi dog Zen, who took up residence ...Did I mention that we loved the place? It was sooooo relaxing. We wished that we could have spent a lot more time there. One problem was that we ate too well. All the gorgeous cheese and the welcoming hamper played hell with our diet...but it was worth it.

Rob and I, both fell in love with the Hunter Valley - so much so, that if a job opportunity arose there, we wouldn't have any hesitation in moving to the area. It's also a heck of a lot cheaper to live there. We might even manage to buy a house there, something that's only an impossible dream in Sydney.

We had two days of rain (Tues & Wed) but we had some good books and the Olympics was on the TV and the fire was going full blast. Wednesday we did a 1/2 day winery tour. For those of you who aren't familiar with the area, The Hunter Valley is the main wine growing area in New South Wales (our state). We sampled some pretty good wines and purchased a couple of bottles to add to our (ahem) cellar- which is actually a wine rack in the lounge room.

Thursday we decided to tootle into Cessnock and catch a movie. Not only did we catch a movie...we caught two! First we saw 'The Chronicles of Riddick'. We both enjoyed it, even though the critics had been less than kind. Then, when we emerged from that one, we gave way to temptation and bought tickets for 'Hellboy'. Hellboy was fun and we hoped we'd managed to beat Gav to seeing it - but we weren't betting the homestead on it! When we got back to the cottage we decided to go for a very muddy walk into the National Park which was just over the back fence. We had to dodge cowpats walking across the paddock, but it was worth it. We came back with our shoes just loaded down with mud and spent ages cleaning it off.

Friday came and we packed and had a tidy up around the place. Then watched TV until it was time to check out. We WILL be going back to Lovedale. It's the perfect place to unwind.

Rob went back to work on the Tuesday and I was enjoying being a housewife - yep, I actually do enjoy it. Things were going beautifully and then Friday happened.

I'll fill you in on that later.


Posted by Midus at September 6, 2004 11:21 AM

Hi there! Glad to hear you have surfaced safely from your honeymoon haven, and that Marcus (& the ever resourceful Rob)has got your site up and running again.
The afore-mentioned Blue Cheese Pizza Bread was delicious. Do you think the wonderful host of the pizzeria would take pity on those "mexicans" unable to frequent their establishment and share their recipe? Philip, Kate and I would really appreciate it. Yes, even Philip loved it!
ttfn and thanks for having us at you celebration

Posted by: Jacqueline Eyres at September 9, 2004 09:10 PM