April 25, 2000


The seas are rough and unforgiving
the sky is grey as slate with rain
Come mariners and do my bidding
bend your backs, donít heed the pain.

The rocks of North Cape close at hand
with jagged teeth to tear our craft
letís man the oars boys run for land
while the sails hang tattered at the mast

Letís all sing a shanty brave
then weíll not hear the Sirens song
for if we listen, itís a watery grave
that weíll be sleeping in ere long

The lifebuoy drifted to the shore
at sun up on a calm clear day
the vessel gone for evermore
It bore the name Marie DuPree

Posted by Midus at 07:42 PM

April 18, 2000

Turn Up the Volume Please!

Just caught a memory on the run
Bing at his best
pleading for April Showers.
Turn up the volume please,
I canít hear it for the rain
on the iron roof.

Posted by Midus at 07:42 AM

April 12, 2000

Stars & Rubber Bands

She stood high on her imagination
reaching forth to pluck a single star
to place it in her blue black hair.
A clasp to keep the heavy curtain
From shrouding her eyes

In reality she used a rubber band
on mouse coloured wispy strands.
I watched sensing her dreams
and longed to tell her
I love the colour of mice.

Posted by Midus at 07:46 AM