May 19, 2000

Dust & Ashes

Iím wandering around the house
with a duster in my hand, trying
to control the accumulating dust.
Attempting to undo the ravages of
wind, dogs and neglect.
Itís a thankless task
thereís only me to see
the end results.
Anyway it wonít stay clean
for long
itís a far cry from the sparkling
glass and crystal I took such
pride in polishing until it shone.
Where has that pride gone?
Oh, I know Iím talking to myself
but I thought
today being your birthday,
I might just have a word.
I donít know why I bother
youíre not here, nor have you been
for coming up two years.
Iím trying to vindicate myself
to me.
Iíd meant to give you
flowers for you birthday,
but it rained
and it I just couldnít see the point
in getting soaked putting flowers
on a box of ashes in the ground.
Iíve not forgotten
just moved on.

Posted by Midus at 05:58 PM

May 16, 2000

Enigma Variations

I prefer daydreams
I can turn them off at will or return them
to a more pleasant path if they detour
from where I want to go.
Dreams? I thought Iíd stopped dreaming
then I found love again
Well, it found me, I wasnít looking for it.
Sure enough back they came to disturb
my sleep and leave me drained
tossing and turning in disbelief
that my uncontrolled mind could take me
on such a rollercoaster ride
I hate rollercoasters!
The gut wrenching, drops, the G-forces
imprisoning me on one terrifying spot
long enough to see distortion in myself.
Dreams huh? They take my longings
and turn them into enigma. Puzzles
twisting and turning into mazes
where Iím lost. and no one provided
a map!
Infinite variations on a theme intent on losing me
Personally I love Rachmaninoffís Rhapsody
on Paganiniís Theme but I seem to be stuck
with Elgarís variations of his own enigma.
Dreams huh? Windows of opportunity?
Iíve heard them called that, but I canít see
through mine. I wonder how you clean an
Occasionally, just occasionally, I find a dream
I donít want to leave, beautiful, overflowing
with peace and loving and then the alarm rings
and the snooze button wonít work!

Posted by Midus at 06:01 PM

May 14, 2000

Dream Weaver

When all the world is sleeping
except for me it seems
Iíll read your poems in my keeping
a skein from which to weave new dreams

Iíll tease my memory again and spin
a twist of magic through my hand
so long and fine ~ a wish is held within
each silken spiralling strand

Attached to the loom by tacks of trust
the warp is fixed to hold the weft
interlacing shimmering love & lust
a pattern forms from weaving deft

Flowers gleaned from a secret Eden
are strewn throughout the length
and golden strands of stolen evení
inter-woven make for lasting strength

Now shall I cut my dream cloth sheer
and fashion a mantle bright
to wear for you in your dreams my dear
when I come to you in the night.

Posted by Midus at 05:56 PM