June 23, 2000

The Old Red Barn at Hermann

Deep in the heart of Missouri wine lands
I found an old red rustic antique store
filled to the rafters with age old treasures
once loved by owners not here any more

China dolls with their paint faded faces
Pilfered road signs from old route sixty-six
Albums of photographs show a wedding
A magicians suitcase full up with tricks

An bent wood rocker thatís seen better days
embroidered linen and hand crochet lace
beer steins and goblets decanters and mugs
a walnut clock with a gold painted face

A stereoscope shows honey moon views
Wax funeral wreath in a tall glass dome
Dance cards and lace fans and ivory beads
a dozen stitched samplers of Home Sweet Home

Bridles and horseshoes and farriers tools
Spoke shaves and augers then planes and plumb bob
shovels and pitchforks wheel barrows and awls
Farmers and tradesmen used these on the job

Old valve radios in fine wood cases
A gramophone with an enormous horn
Telegraphers keys and a signal lamp
stamps and coins from the year I was born

Landscapes and sketches of old Missouri
Portraits of ladies and postcards from Rome
tables of bric-a-brac boxes of books
Family Bible red leather bound tome

There on a hook hangs a fringed Spanish shawl
Silken seductive and woven so fine
thrown round my shoulders it makes me feel grand
the price so low that it had to be mine

Outside in the evening the Yucca blooms
next to a sign thatís written in German
and when I look back as we drive away
memory imprints the Red Barn at Hermann.

Posted by Midus at 07:34 AM

June 11, 2000

Cheek to Cheek

Slow dancing in the middle of the floor
Hip to hip, his hands hold her to him
her arms around his neck
he whisper in her ear

The saxophone sobs in the background
as they move, as they turn reluctantly
she throws back her head
and laughs delightfully

a private joke a secret suddenly revealed
He strokes her cheek and lifts her chin
they gaze into each others eyes
unaware they have an audience

A gentle kiss between two gentle souls
the piano hits a high note in celebration
the music ends their dance
but they still stay on the floor

Wrapped in their love they are oblivious
until jolted back to earth once more
a childís voice calls out
Kiss Nanna again Grandad!

Posted by Midus at 05:20 PM