August 24, 2000

Study in Blue

Dawn filters
through teal drapes
blue pervades
sets the dayís tone
odd I should notice
be susceptible
fluctuating shadows
cast on walls
a gecko watches
upside down
I brush my hair
all I see are
flashes in a mirror
no one

Posted by Midus at 07:18 AM

Moving Walls

Have you noticed
when there are two in a house
there is no echo?
It's as if one absorbs
the sounds and energy
of the other.
Remove one permanently
instantly the walls
bounce back every sound..
every footstep is your own
the place seems suddenly
twice as large.
When all trace
of one is removed
walls then move in
you long to escape
to the outside world
for company.

Posted by Midus at 07:16 AM

August 22, 2000

Thirteen O'Clock

I swear that clock just struck thirteen!
I must be hearing things again.
Is life in suspended animation
held hostage by an alien hour?

Posted by Midus at 07:39 AM

August 19, 2000

With Just A Sigh

Death passed by
wrapped his cloak around
one who ran to meet him
eager for the pain to stop
she made the rendevouz
chose time and place
where is her spirit now
Her smile for us is dimmed
does she smile for him
love and caring gone
with just a sigh
does she shed a tear
did she while in the arms
of Morpheusí embrace
think once of those
who loved her easy grace
and sparkling eyes
the price of peace
too dear.

Posted by Midus at 07:59 PM

August 03, 2000

Hog Hell

Hey Red wanna come for a ride
stilettos tap a staccato beat
ignore the boy head up with pride
Iíd rather walk on my own two feet
than be seen on that pile of junk
my girlfriends would laugh
heís such a punk
I wonder when he took a bath.

Tight sweater tight skirt
twitching my assets
Iím a tease and Iím a flirt
Iím a girl of many facets

Around the corner comes a dream
a gorgeous hunk on a Harley
Now wouldnít we make a wonderful team
Hey heís slowing down for a parlay
toss my hair and look real coy
pretend Iím quiet and shy
oh geez but heís a good looking boy
I wanna ride with THIS guy

He asks the question I answer yes
after humming and hawing a bit
but now Iím in trouble I must confess
Ďcause side saddleís the way I must sit
holding on tight to my hero
he lets the throttle out with a roar
speedoís at 60 just now it was zero
he opens it up and weíre going full bore

suddenly for some reason he halts
in a distant secluded place
from the Harley he vaults
itís so dark I canít see his face
but I know where his hands are
Iím scared I donít like it one bit
Now heís really going too far
my daddy would sure have a fit!

He doesnít know NO
nor recognize STOP
how come heís this low
and still over the top?

Just when I think that Iím really in deep
a headlight comes down the road
Itís the kid on the clunker I thought was a creep
he aims straight for the good looking toad
the creepís on his cycle and off
as fast as the damned thing can travel
he rounds the corner the bike gives a cough
and he ends up sprawled in the gravel

Hey Red wanna come for a ride?
You bet I do!

Posted by Midus at 07:41 AM