February 28, 2001


He moved
as a dancer moves
sure of his steps
strutting with a casual air
full of the confidence of youth
his chinos held his contours
in a firm embrace
shirt unbuttoned
in the heat
revealed a flash of pale
smooth skin
that would darken in the sun
The smile he gave me…

Posted by Midus at 05:21 PM

February 16, 2001


If I close my eyes and let
my fingers take a journey
I read your body in my mind
through touch.
I trace the ridges of your spine
you shiver with anticipation
a minor earthquake in my arms
and I in yours
Your lips are soft to fingertips
softer still to searching tongue
I roam my hands on your strong flanks
which flex with promises
of heat filled nights
Blind fingers find a pathway
through unruly, thick dark hair
which falls across your forehead
and I know you smile
in pleasure as I gently rub
I recognise each crevice of your skin
intimately as you know mine
There’s the mole below your navel
which tells me that I’m right in line
to continue the excursion
and lift us to delicious heights.

Posted by Midus at 05:18 PM