May 04, 2001

Plaza After the Rain

A dichromic study
Sepia lit
highlighting bare bones
trees in winter undress
silhouettes against the sky

Angular brooding buildings
stand sentinel
hold the Plaze hostage
they wait for the ransom
Spring’s sunlight

Rivulets of cold despair
slowly seep
freezing the core
Statues and citizens
recipients of frosty fate.

Midustouch 4/5/2001©
Inspired by the painting of the same name
by Paul Cornoyer.
The original hangs in the Museum of Art
St.Louis Missouri.

Posted by Midus at 11:19 AM

May 03, 2001

Sydney Sunday

Hand in hand across the park
we lovers laugh
in the quiet of Sunday morning.

Atop a statue of Prince Albert
is an iridescent orange
traffic cone -
lingering touch of irreverence
in the aftermath of Gay Mardi Gras

The streets and parkland cleaned
before the morning light
half a million people vanished
into nowhere
just the stragglers sleeping on the grass.

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May 01, 2001

Faces on a Train

Eyes slide from mine.
Her hat is a touch of Christmas
a bold dash of holly red,
amid the grays and blacks of July
She sits, knowing every masculine eye
is turned in her direction

Reflected in the night dark glass
of sightless windows
she sneaks a surreptitious glance
Amused I grin
She lets half her smile escape
then retreats to
Chemistry by Zumdahl
(Third edition)

Mister Latino in the corner
sprawls with feet upon the seat
rubbing his big gold crucifix
between hairy backed fingers
Chatting up an unseen girl
on his yellow mobile
He’s loud, rude, uncouth
face all fake animation.
I wonder if she’s real

Next stop Normanhurst!

I scurry down the platform
Collar up against the wind.

Posted by Midus at 07:09 PM