March 14, 2002

Switched on Bach

To a background of Bach
we travel, reaching crescendo
with the organist
glissando of pure ecstasy
delicately fingering nerves
vibrating with each chord.
Aware only of sound
permeating flesh.

Posted by Midus at 07:22 AM

March 05, 2002

The Kingdom's Key

Chill dawn spreads light on grey slate roofs
moist with night sweat.
Bound by habit, the unquestioning rise,
splash water on sleep sodden faces
dress and leave with empty bellies
that no wafer is capable of filling.

The atheists turn in their beds and curse the bells.
Bells that wake them
from peaceful, unbelieving sleep.
Why worship someone whoís been dead
two thousand years?

Millions could be feed on what it costs
to keep a dream alive.
What dreams are worthy of the cost?
Itís all a vanity of mortals
seeking out eternal life.
Who can forgive sin?
Only those who have been sinned against.

Turn to the East and send your prayers
to a city beyond your sight.
A place that thrives on the faithful
Who've strived for years to reach
itís weathered walls
in pilgrimage
to gain a place in Paradise.

So many gods in history and modern times;
each, seemingly, demanding praise and sacrifice.
Yet it was not they but man,
who placed them on their pedestals.
Man who found a way to power
in anotherís name.
Pretension covered with a cloak of piety.

I ask myself what I believe
and it is this:
Rank and file humanity,
with all itís stupidity and flaws
has found the key to immortality Ė
that key, that God,
is Love.

Posted by Midus at 07:29 AM