July 29, 2002


So much time spent
with tongue protruding
from the corner of the mouth
deep concentration
furrowing the brow.
Just enough dampness in the mix
to hold each grain together
until construction is complete.
Adorn the turret with a flag
and the battlements with shells
and watch it wash back to the sea
on the incoming tidal swell.

Posted by Midus at 07:35 AM

July 16, 2002

Location! Location!

I was talking to a bloke I know the other day
about a balcony flat in Darlinghurst
Second floor with rising damp
shit house paintwork and leaky taps
just three cramped rooms and the balcony
for six-fifty dollars a week
what a load of crap!

The girl upstairs – with a better view of
nothing in particular
paid a hundred dollars more
He asked her what she did
she told him she was a publicist for
a dance troop
He reckoned there must be some
table-top in that to afford
the lease.
Why Darlinghurst
when she could do the job from anywhere
Potts Point would cost her less

She said she liked the life style
looking at her ugly purple dress
he reckoned she was right at home.

Imagine…paying all that cash
for just a bit of flash and dash!

Posted by Midus at 07:45 PM