August 20, 2002

Finding out about Soul

Each individual face
a different shade of black
each expression inscrutable
each one’s body language

They wait to hear
if I’m worth the effort
of their listening
or if they should just act

This is foreign territory
in a foreign land
Delmar, St. Louis
seems a million miles
from home.

I’ve listened to their
militant street wise verse
wishing for the same passion
in my own ordinary

Take the plunge…
microphone at mouth level
I pass the feed back test and plunge headlong
into a song sans music
of Aboriginality.

I’m white
but for a while
with words I’m black
stating the case for the cause
wondering if they understand my accent.

Over…I can breath
lap up the applause and “Amen Sister”
delight in the hugs
and know you don’t have to be black
to have Soul.

Posted by Midus at 07:11 PM

August 15, 2002

The Fatal Attraction of Likeness

Soap bubbles
hovering on a whisper
before the open window
find themselves
reflected in hanging crystal's facets
forming rainbows
as it twists and turns.

A searing flash of gold
as sunlight's intensified
trapped it seems
inside the clarity
signaling intent
to escape
and bathe the world in brightness.

Attracted to the movement
the bubbles kiss their mirrored selves
in narcissistic innocence
surface tension broken
they return to water
and unknown chemicals
just another wet spot.

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August 03, 2002

Half Moon Lane

No cat ever strolls down Half-Moon Lane.
It's all hearsay and superstition...
but queens tell their offspring stories
to make them stay-at home kittens.

Once there was a fat sleek Tom
who took a holiday from home
he wandered by, all unsuspecting
in search of chicken bones.

His humans missed him sadly
his family was distraught
they cried into their sweet & sour soup...
and complained that it needed salt.

The feline population dwindled
the dogs got bloated and lazy
for with less cats to chase around
their exercise schedules got hazy.

There came a new cat to the town
A Maine Coon Cat was he!
He stood two feet at the shoulder
and ate Dalmations for tea.

He heard the stories about the lane
from the cute little Persian next door
and decided to check out the rumors
and lay them to rest evermore.

Our hero he entered the alley
he sauntered right down that lane,
that cats had entered before him
and never come out of again.

Just as he came to the exit
of the posh China Plate café
a hand came out of nowhere
and spirited him right away!

He yowled and he spluttered and put up a fight
as only a coon cat can
but soon there was only silence
and the persistent whir of a fan.

The news of his disappearance
spread through the town like wild fire
and the remaining cats hid under the bed
fearing an outcome quite dire.

Once the kerfuffle had all calmed down
(though the Maine Coon was missing still),
a Great Dane taking a short cut
casually glanced o'er a window sill.

What he saw there he couldn't believe
and vowed to tell not a cat...
for there on a comfy armchair
the enormous Maine Coon sat!

And all around him in that room
upon each human lap
there lounged a pampered feline
being stroked or taking a nap.

The Coon Cat spotted the Great Dane
and closed one eye in a wink,
which proved that kitties have got smarts
no matter what canines think!

On Winter nights, in front of the fire
when the wind is whistling shrill,
the cats tell each other weird stories
to give themselves a thrill.

They yarn till their hair is standing on end
and their tails look like bottle brushes
but not one of them knows the real truth
'bout the Cat they talk of in hushes.

The Great Dane's discovered he likes Chinese
he's developed a taste for Chow Mein
for as long as he keeps their secret
he'll never go hungry again!

No cat ever strolls down Half-Moon Lane.
It's all hearsay and superstition...
but queens tell their offspring stories
to make them stay-at home kittens.

Posted by Midus at 07:31 PM