November 08, 2002

Critical Acclaim

Im in the stacks at Borders-
Gods and Generals in hand
reading press blurbs;
He said Well fuck me dead!

Being particularly astute, I knew
it wasnt an invitation to partake
in necrophilia or frenzied fornication;
simply an expression of amazement
at my ability to survive his absence.

Smiling sweetly I replied,
No thank you.

Posted by Midus at 05:55 PM

November 05, 2002

Wine Tasting

Now that was a good wine
not a droplet left -
Its dead and gone
but the memory lingers
on and on.
If I had just half a glass
Id dribble it down your chest
To pool in your navel
To be lapped at my leisure -
The addition of salt
Only adds to the pleasure.

Posted by Midus at 07:57 PM