January 23, 2003


He finished his beer and tipped the barman,
Lingered listening, as the final note of Stardust
rose to the smoke stained ceiling of the club,
pushed his way towards the door,
climbed the stairs to street above and
stepped beyond the warm cacoon into the cold.

Coat collar up against the wind
hands in pockets, he began the walk down Queen St.
A minor gale blew litter up against his trouser legs.
At three AM the city slept except for folk like him.
Not even a garbage truck, with clanging bins
to break his reverie.

The stars were spectacular.
Whole constellations he couldn’t name
visible to the naked eye,
without a moon to overshadow.
It should have been foggy, gloomy -
then he could hide his misery.

Quickening step, he reached the bridge -
Leaned over and stared into the water far below.
The sound of the river, slapping at the pylons,
soothed, lulled, hypnotised, yet strengthened his resolve.
A vault onto the parapet, a perfect dive…
And he was gone.

Posted by Midus at 07:40 PM

January 22, 2003

What A Waste Of Time!

Academics and the common man
Both live out their allotted span.
Why worry about whence we came-
Can we alter destiny and cheat the game?

There’s no changing our direction
It’s all set out by pre-selection.
The reason why we’re here
Though to most, is still unclear

I have this half-baked theory
That will answer any query…
It’s simply to increase the girth
Of dear old Mother Earth.

Posted by Midus at 07:44 AM

January 08, 2003

Prozac For All

Prozac for all!
Give your kids a way to face their lot
In a state of false good humour.
It’s the quick fix
The opiate of the masses
They might live a little longer…
Shielded from their deeper feelings
Resist the urge to find another way
To end their pain.
They may even find the heart
To finish boot camp
Find a mindless way to go to war.

Posted by Midus at 07:32 AM

No Heroes Here

Hide behind curtained eyes
ignore reality
watch your day replayed
in slow-motion
within your carefully edited mind.
Nothing can reach
your brain unscripted -
life's a badly acted episode
in a tawdry daytime drama.
The only light at the end
of your carefully blacked out tunnel
is a flickering TV screen...
and the colours are fading fast.

Posted by Midus at 07:25 AM