January 26, 2004

Genie Within

Genie Within

These beautiful little gourd shaped, bead 'bottles' have a swirling design, like some Persian carpets have.
Each bead is unique because they are hand painted.
It was difficult to get a near match.
I was reminded of the bottles that Genies were supposedly held captive in.

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January 25, 2004



Take one string of real Russian Amber, purchased in St.Louis,
disassemble and resurrect into a totally different item of
adornment...not to mention matching earrings!
Oh and I've still got heaps to spare for other Amber lovers.

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Bolivian beads, Greek spacers, gold trims
and you end up with something with the look of tribal Africa!

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All that Glitters

All that Glitters

What to do with two beautiful mismatched beads?
Make them into one attractive pendant!!

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Turkish Tassels

Turkish Tassels

These earrings are quite heavy as they are made from antiqued metal. The bead is a lovely turquoise coloured catseye made from glass.

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These earrings are sold.

Delightful glass lampwork beads with an hibiscus bloom apparently captured inside. Perfect for lunch at Doyle's.

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Perfectly Pink

Perfectly Pink

Made for a friend with a passion for pink.
The main beads remind me of a swirl of strawberry ice-cream.

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Very odd beads that lend themselves to the slightly exotic. Findings are all Bali Silver.

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Bright and breezy for hot Summer Days when you don't want to be taken too seriously.
Made with glass beads and silver wire and fittings.

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January 16, 2004

Home Again, Home Again Jig a jig jig!

Time for another post.

Rob and I went to the Wedding of my son Karl and his wife Jodie, last week.

For once the flights to and from Cairns were actually bearable...especially the return trip, where we were quite comfortable.

We stayed at the Cairns Queenslander, which is quite central to the shopping and entertainment area. It was well worth the $89au per night as the suite we had was fully self contained with a full kitchen, dining and lounge areas, plus the usual bedroom and all important bathroom. (Yes the shower was a beauty and actually worked!)

Karl and my daughter Deena, picked us up from the airport and took us to the motel. Jodie was at her sisters place, helping her move her possessions back to her mother's place. (Drama in her relationship.) When we had unpacked, we drove out there, so that Karl could tie the load down. He, accompanied by Rob, drove the ute to drop off point. Along the way Rob got the 'you'd better take care of mum' talk. Karl is <i>very</i>protective of the women in our family and now this is extended to Jodie's too. Rob and Karl got on pretty well together by the time we left.

When we got to Karl and Jodie's home, the pre-wedding shambles was in full swing. Her sister and brother were staying there, so the place was overflowing. I got to see my old dog Bow again and have a pat and a bit of a cuddle. I don't think she even remembered me, but it was nice to see her.

After that, we went to Deena's home...I hadn't seen her place either, because both my son and daughter's houses were built since I left Cairns.

Deena made the dresses for the two flower girls and then, because the dressmaker made a total stuff-up of the maid of honors dress, she'd had to make an entirely new one. Two years ago Deena could barely sew a seam! She also made her own dress, which looked really nice.

When we got back into the City, we had Deena drop us off and we had a wander around before heading back to the motel. We then changed and headed into our favourite dining spot at Pirottas

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Mordred's Torque

Silver and Black Pendant

This interesting piece is, as yet, nameless.
I found the central silver bead, in Cairns and decided that it had to be the focal point of a pendant. The spacers are Balinese silver as are the heavy silver ball beads. The crystals are Swarovski and black in colour. The choker it is attached to is also black.
I hope you like it and I would appreciate some feedback - to see if it works for you.
Footnote: As you can see, this now has a name, curtesy of a good friend with an appreciation of the dramatic. I think it fits it well.

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