February 27, 2004



To best view this image showing the beauty of the dichroic pendant, copy and enlarge.

Another gorgeous dichroic pendant from the studio
of US artist Jeanne Kent. This piece is intitialed and dated
on the reverse.

I've taken great care in selecting beads to match and enhance
the colours in this pendant, which is called Persian Garden...Hence
my selected name for the finished necklace.

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February 20, 2004

FantaC Jewellery at Frenchs Forest

FantaC Jewellery will be at the Frenchs Forest Market this Sunday, the 22nd of February, with a selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and the odd anklet for sale!

The market is on the grounds of the Parkway Hotel, 5 Frenchs Forest Road (a.k.a. Frenchs Forest Road East), Frenchs Forest, NSW and is open from 8 AM until 1 PM. Please come along, have a browse and spoil your friends - or yourself - with a present of quality jewellery!

Location of Parkway Hotel

UBD™ Page No. 177
Grid Reference A5

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February 11, 2004


Exotica Pendant

The beautiful focal bead is glass lampwork by an Australian artist living in WA. Beads like this take hours of work and I wish I could make them. The flowers are made from an arrangement of fine glass rods...I'm not quite sure how...except that they are heated by a butane and oxygen torch. They look painted on the outside in this pic, but there are at least two layers.

I decided to mount this with lots of Bali silver...now I need to replenish my stocks!

The 'dangles' are from swarovski crystals and, again Bali silver.
Lots of fiddly work in this piece and a legacy of very tired eyes. I hope you like it.

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Captive Fire

Captive Fire

Dichroic glass pendant by US glass artist Jeanne Kent (signed on back). It has the added attraction of a topaz coloured diamonte set in it.
I suspended this from three rows of beads. I row of silver and gold seed beads interspersed with topaz swarovski crystals, another of seed beads in silver with gold metal beads and jet swarovski crystals. The last row is gold bugle beads and, again, silver and gold seed beads. It's finished with a silver hook.
Hours of work in this piece, but I think it was worth it.

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Another piece of Dichroic artwork - this time made by an artist whom I only know by the name of "Rodney". He's quite new at making dichroic pieces and he shows incredible talent.
I mounted each of the colalt glass beads and attached them to a fine chain. Unfortunately the scan doesn't do the piece justice and the colours are much more intense in actuality.

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The Strand

The Strand

This item is sold.

This pendant is Dichroic glass...a method whereby glass and foils are fused by intense heat and then anealed in a kiln for approx. 12hrs. It was made by US glass artist Jeanne Kent.
I called this piece "The Strand" as the gold in it reminds me of a narrow strip of sand in the sunlight.
This is a difficult piece to scan, because the back of the pendant is a darker colour and doesn't let the light reflect too well.

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Dichroic Pendant

Dichroic Not Mounted
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