March 26, 2004

News from No.32.

Hi All!
It's been some time since I managed to find a minute to update the site.

The last three weeks haven't been much fun...workwise that is. I've been working my usual 3 evenings a week, but starting at 2pm instead of 5.30pm. One of my colleges is on holiday and I volunteered (stupid me) to cover 1/2 of her shift. Apart from the fact that I managed to pick up a dose of gastric flu, I just managed to survive the stress factor. The majority of stress was (and is) caused by the fact that the computer system at work is so bloody slow, that I managed to eat my dinner while it was still thinking about the application.My boss has promised they are doing something about it. What ever it is, I hope it works!

Rob and I have both been watching our diets and so far, I've managed to lose 7kgs...I don't know about Rob...I suspect he has a quiet indulgence now and then. Jokes aside, he has lost quite a few kgs.

I've posted a few new pieces of jewellery, that I've managed to find time to make...hope you like them. Do leave me some feedback in the comments section under each pic.

See you later!


Posted by Midus at 04:17 PM

Sunset Sail

Sunset Sail
This Item is Sold.

This gorgeous dichroic 'donut' is 6.5cm long and 4.5cm at the widest point.
It looks like the sail of a yacht, splashed with the colours of the setting sun. It's by US dichroic artist Jeanne Kent. All it needed was a simple wire wrap to suspend it from a twisted silver chain.
It looks totally stunning on a black dress.

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I had no idea, at first, what to call this set. I looked at it and thought it looked like a gizmo of some that's what it is! Lots of gold metal beads in this set...none of your acrylic plated junk. The focal bead is a really nice Indian Lampwork bead and better than most.

Posted by Midus at 03:58 PM

Amethyst Dreaming

Amethyst Dreaming

This little bracelet is made on stirling silver wire, Amethyst crystals and loads of Bali Silver. I got a new parcel in from Bali and I just had to play with it. It's very delicate and much prettier than the scan.

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Silver & Jade

Silver and Jade

My first attempt at working with silver wire. I will get better...Promise!

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March 10, 2004

Rainbow on the River

Rainbow on the River
This item is sold.

I was at a loss for a name for this piece, until I recalled that Jeanne Kent had called the beautiful dichroic pendant Rainbow on Water. (as usual Jeanne has signed the back.)

I've tried to accentuate the colours of the pendant with the beads used to string this necklace. Gold, copper textured beads and just two green glass beads seem to have done the trick.

This is one of my favourite pieces and the pendant is quite large, being 5.5cm X 2.5cm.

If you want a better idea of the colours, copy and enlarge the picture.

Posted by Midus at 11:48 AM

A Touch of Silver

A touch of silver

An unusual dichroic pendant from the studio of Rodney.
Strung with delicate pale mauve and aqua 'easter eggs', this is a 'different' item of jewellery.

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This item is sold.

Strung with turquoise, gold, textured copper coloured and luminescent cobalt beads, this little 'Volcano' is gorgeous. Dichroic focal pendant is by Rodney.

The colours in this are much better than the scan.

Posted by Midus at 11:24 AM