May 19, 2004

Busy, Busy!

Time to do a little dabbling on the website.

I don't seem to have had five minutes to myself this month. Health wise it's been a bit of an eye opener. I've been diagnosed with Diabetes type II and I've had three doctors appts so far, with another this Friday, plus a visit to the podiatrist. On Monday I've appts. with the Diabetes Education RN and then the Dietician. My Darling Rob is taking a day's leave to come along with me, so that he knows exactly what's going on and learns about the condition himself. I'm really grateful that he wants to do that, as it's a great support for me.

One good thing to come out of this is a wake up call to take care of myself a little better. My diet isn't too bad, seeing as I'm basically vegetarian...not all the way, but for the most part. It's the exercise that I'm really slack on. Anyway, I'm welcoming the change of lifestyle and grateful that my problems have finally been identified. Look out for a new improved me!

Sunday Rob and I took a trip to Oxford Falls to pick up a Power Rider machine, which we bought on E-bay. It's a really good all round machine which works out nearly all the body. We are both using it and I already feel a little more vitality replacing my permanent tiredness. I guess I needed to get the blood circulating again. If anyone out there (Sydney area) has a Treadmill that's just taking up room, please give me either an e-mail or a phone call. That's the next purchase we are intending to make.

The evening before (Sat 15th) we took a ride to the City and The Basement, to see our favourite live band The Bodacious Cowboys, who are a Steely Dan revival band (not that they need reviving!) The band take their name from a line in one of the Dan's songs, Gaucho. They were in top form and the night was a blast! Good food, as usual and good company...we shared the table with Rob and Ian, two music enthusiasts (Rod 59 and Ian 60). They had travelled from Melbourne and Tasmania to be there for the weekend. Rod exchanges e-mails with one of the guitarists, Peter, but had never met. We had the chance to meet him when he came to our table during break. Unfortunately we had to leave before the start of the second half of the show, due to catching the train back to our side of town. (Not happy Jan!)

Once things settle down a bit, I'm going to get back into the jewellery making with a vengance, so watch out for some new pieces in the near future.

Work is as stressful as ever but with the governments ideas on retirement, I don't think I'll ever be able to retire. Sometimes it seems that the people who've worked all their lives, have the least rewards. Still, at least I'm fit enough to continue putting in the hard-yards!

I'll post again, when something interesting comes up.


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May 04, 2004

Deliciously Silver

Deliciously Silver

Dainty Bali silver beads and spacers teamed with really nice earrwires, make these a very pretty pair of earrings.

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What Happened to April?

Seems like I blinked and April went and hid!

I think I spent most of the month working, but then I usually feel that way. Fortunately I actually did work over Easter and got paid penalty rates. Just as well, because our car Madam Lash has been giving us a little trouble lately. I spent a couple of hours yesterday, waiting for the transmission doctor to work his magic. I'm pleased to say that the patient is alive and well and, at the moment, sitting in the carport.

Brook's visit (granddaughter) went very well and she's keen to come back for a holiday with us next year. Whilst she was with us, I taught her how to make the easier types of jewellery. I'd best be careful, because she may end up as competition. She's showing a heap of talent. I made up a small jewellery making kit for her to take home with her and her mother tells me that, already, she's been the recipient of a really pretty bracelet.

Today's been busy. I spent a good couple of hours posting items for auction at E-bay. (Check out the link in the left hand menu) I've posted some of those items here too, just in case you don't fancy the E-bay experience.

Rob and I are back into the gaming scene, having shown up for Dan's "Bubblegum Crisis" evening, on Saturday. I play (and I quote) A Babe in a Hardsuit.LOL. My name is Utopia Jones - pretty cool name eh?

Ouch...just caught sight of the time! Work this evening, so I'd better get my skates on! Catch you all later...


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Pink Perfection

Pink Perfection

Gorgeous pink crackle beads, loads of Bali silver and a solitary focal bead if opaque pink glass make this a really attractive necklace. The accompanying earrings compliment and really enhance it.

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Reef Adventure

Reef Adventure

This dichroic glass pendant is just like being in an Octopusses Garden. It seems to hold the wonders and colours of the Great Barrier Reef all within a small glass shape.

I've enhanced the pendant with Bali silver (925). Hope you like the result.

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Glacial Glory

Glacial Glory

A Dichroic glass pendant as a centre piece to Swarovski crystal and silver beads, gives this piece an icy look of a glacier in the sunlight.

The earrings are made from silver wire and crystals to match the necklace.

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FantaC Filigree

FantaC Filigree
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Stunningly Silver Earrings

Stunningly Silver

All silver used is 925 purity.

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