July 14, 2004

It's What You Make It.

In dreams I see the creeks run swiftly, full of precious rain -
the dry land fills it's belly, until the sun appears again.
Constant battles always fought but never , truly, won
amid the dust out in the paddocks of the Western cattle run.

Oh for three good years of plenty on this stark and arid land -
grass would grow and water flow and stock would fatten out of hand.
The bankers all would tip their hats again, to Graziers on the street,
instead of turning noses up, as if they’d cow dung on their feet.

But I’ll not whinge and whimper at our bloody awful lot
for there’s plenty, far worse off than us, yet never lose the plot.
I’ve seen little kids on city streets who’s faces never smile,
I wouldn’t swap my life for theirs…not by a country mile.

There’s women on dark corners who sell themselves for cash -
a thing I couldn’t come at, not for all the city's flash and dash.
I’d rather have my drought hit farm and all the heartbreak there
than give away my freedom – it’d be more than I could bear.

Vickie Bowman (c) 2004

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July 03, 2004

Birthdays and Cards

Hi all!

It's been a pretty eventful week for us. Monday last week I nipped down to the little strip of shops in Normanhurst. I just wanted a couple of things, so I didn't bother taking my bag, just my purse, phone and keys. I did a little juggling going back to the car, because I had my hands full and no pockets.

Tuesday I had a hairdressing appointment at 1pm. When I got there, my hairdresser, Melinda asked me to get some change from the Post Office next door and, if I had planned to use my debit card, to get some cash, because their terminal was down.
I got her the change, but found that my card was missing. I visited the three shops that I'd been to the previous day, but no card had been handed in. I slipped home and did a thorough search of house and car... remembering how I was loaded up the day before, I didn't hold out much hope. Nope, nowhere to be found. I rang my bank and cancelled the card and arranged for a new one. A week before a new one would arrive.) Melinda, bless her little cotton socks, did my hair and put the money in the till herself. I paid her back the next day, when I could get some cash from my credit card. I do the majority of my banking online, so I was able to transfer funds to Rob's account, but that took 2 days to clear. I just hate not having access to my money! Anyway, I have the new card (with name spelled wrongly) but am awaiting the arrival of the new PIN, so until that turns up, I'll have to do the transfer to Rob thing again.

I had my darling home for 3 days this weekend past. It was his birthday on Sunday 11th, so he took an extra day... just because he wanted to. Early in the day Cameron & Linda dropped by with a pressie for him - the first series of M*A*S*H on DVD. They were off to Melbourne that day, so wouldn't be able to make the party in the evening.

We had the party at the Greengate Hotel, Killara. It's a pretty nice old pub, with lots of space in the front bar...plenty of room to accommodate a party. First to turn up, as usual, was Gav. It's rare for him to ever be late. Then Jake and Komala turned up, followed by Rob's parents, his aunt Trish and his grandmother...all bearing gifts. His family always give him really cool stuff, especially since him Mum and Aunt are geeks too. Juene and Joe... old friends since his days at Advantra arrived and then Lauren and Jason. The party was really starting to get underway. Later in the evening Andrew, then Nick and Charisse, followed by John and Deb. Last but not least, Jacinta finally arrived, much to Nick's relief... we were starting to wonder if she was OK!

We drank, we ate, we yakked. Lots of catching up done and lots of conversation on a variety of subjects, from tyres on cars to Nick's attempts at following the instructions on the Transformer he received as an advance Birthday pressie. (His B'day is next week-end) I think we needed a 10yr old to show us how to do it.
We were all pretty miffed when the staff started turning lights off and moving the chairs in from outside. Still, at least those who had to catch trains home, made it with plenty of time to spare. I reckon we all had a good time. It was a shame that Rob couldn't of had a few more celebratory drinks, but he was the driver in our twosome. I will say that he slept like a top though...including the humm. (read snore.)

Monday was just plain lazy. We did nothing of note. Rob slipped out to the bank and picked up some lunch. I made a pair of earrings. The plumber arrived to fix up a blockage in the bathroom pipes and that was about the total sum of our activities. It was great just having a day to ourselves with nothing urgent on the agenda. The only sour note, for me, was a phone call from work, asking me to start early today. I really hate having to spend more time there than my 18hrs per week. I'd much rather be working at home.

Anyway, I've got a loaf of bread cooking and need to get my A into G to prepare Rob's dinner for tonight, so I'll finish this and say ...

See you later.


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July 01, 2004

Whinges, Whines & Whimpers.

I guess the title says it all! Not exactly inspired to get you reading further, but sometimes things have a nasty knack of running over the top of you.

I've lost a filling in a bottom tooth and am suffering from a lousy toothache. Finances are a little strained at the moment (big bill month), so I can't get it fixed until my rent cheque goes into the bank. I do hope my real estate agent does better this month.

Last month's deposit was nearly a week late. It took me 2 emails and 3 phone calls before I found out the reason. It seems that the process for 500 clients, was held up because the office in Cairns didn't receive their order for receipts, from the printer in Perth W.A! Too bad for those of us who have mortgages to pay.

The insurance claim for water damage in the kitchen of our house in Gordonvale is still not settled. The assessor is still waiting for a quote from the cabinet maker. It's only been 3 months since I put in my claims. Now to cap it off, I hear on the grape vine, that there is a hole in one of the internal walls. When my son mentioned the hole to the tenant, he was told that the 'previous tenant' had made it. Interesting, because my son was the prior tenant and the guy didn't know that. Besides, I have the real estate report on the condition of the property before the present tenant moved in. I think he may be on the receiving end of a bill for my excess on yet another claim.

I'm having a little trouble on the creativity front right now. I've realised that it's probably a side effect of the new blood pressure meds I've started. They control the BP beautifully, but, as with a previous one, they tend to dull the creative side of my brain. For me it's a disaster. I should be thankful that they work on the BP I know, but it's really a very high price for me to pay. I'm going to have to make myself think! Not only does it take away a huge pleasure, but it's cutting my income!

My visit to the Diabetic dietician was interesting. She has her doubts, after looking at my BS level records, that I am diabetic. She wants me to have a more comprehensive test done. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's right!

Now for a change of tack:
When I moved to Sydney from Cairns, I left two vehicles behind. I was my utility truck (pick-up to my American readers) and a sedan. My daughter had the sedan and my son the truck. Both vehicles still registered in my name. The other day, I went to the NSW Road Transport Authority website...just out of curiosity...and checked my drivers licence. I found that I had lost 2 points. Strange...seeing as I've never been pulled over by the police or had my licence inspected! On enquiry, it seems that an infrigement notice for speeding was issued on November 5th 2003 in Queensland. The fine was paid, but, as the registered owner, I was penalised! I've been nagging my son to send me the transfer papers for the truck, as I gave it to him ages ago, but so far no response. The sedan was written off by my grandson earlier this year and I'm still waiting for them to get rid of it. At the time of the infringement, both vehicles were 'on the road'. I'd really like one of them to let me know who was responsible. The've been expensive acts of kindness for me - in more ways than one!

The end of the financial year is with us here. I have decided to wait before doing my tax this year. I think I may have to pay and, right now, is not a particularly good time for extra bills. Besides, I want to go through all the phone bills and find out just how many calls I made with regards to the Rental property, so I can put them in as expenses. At least I have a trip to Cairns, when I did my yearly inspection, to write off on it. Maybe taxes won't be as big a nightmare as I think...Well I can dream, can't I?

I'm taking a month off from work starting on August 6th and ending on September 6th. We had hoped that Rob would be able to get 4 weeks too, but, due to pressure and changes at work, he can only get a couple of weeks. Still, it's enough time for us to be able to get out of Sydney for a while. My boss is in panic mode because she's not got a replacement for me. I mean, she's only had 4 months warning.LOL.

I hope, next time I post, that I have a few less WWWs.
See you all then!


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