October 25, 2004

The Russian View


It seems the Russians don't hold video gamers in particularly high esteem.
http://www.cartoons.ru (be sure to switch to the English option.)

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October 20, 2004

Life 101

Doing and being ,
dealing with actualities,
facing up to consequences,
calculating odds and wanting things
so bad you can taste them - even over
the sour taste of mistakes and last nights
pizza. ( Joe used too much garlic)
That’s life 101 – not some airy fairy
wannabe dream, where everything
turns out right and we all live happily
ever after, without struggling to
pay the rent or vet bill. (‘cause
your dog got sick)
I’ll take a risk -
throw my hat in the air,
jump off the roof – umbrella in hand
(to keep the sun off, not the rain.)
I’ve no time to waste on dreams.

Vickie Farquhar (C) October, 2004.

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October 17, 2004



I was really stumped for a title for this pendant at first, then I realized it was staring me in the face.

The glass artist on this piece really excelled at the unusually. I wanted to make an equally different setting for it and I think I've succeeded. The 'spring' is made from sterling silver wire and I've used a repeated-coiling technique.

It's a piece that's absolutely guaranteed to cause comment.

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Echoes of India

Echoes of India

Many thanks to my friend Monica for thinking of me, when she was overseas and returned with a parcel of jewellery components.

I found the makings of the earrings and brooch in amongst the treasure trove. I'm not sure of the metal used in either the brooch or the earrings, but I was careful to use sterling silver ear wires. I centre mounted the pin on the brooch and it has a safety catch. It would look gorgeous on a tastefully draped scarf.

The stones used in this set are a lovely deep red shade.

If you're interested in them as seperate pieces let me know.

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A Puzzlement

A Puzzlement

Experimental set using a multi-coiling technique. Materials are gold plated copper wire and gold beads used at random. The results are totally unique.
I'm more than happy with the overall effect.

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Silver Dancer

Silver Dancer

Gorgeous Bali Silver (925) beads, caps and ear wires come together to form a delightfully exotic confection.
If you like silver, then you'll fall in love with these.

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October 15, 2004

Got Boxes?

I don't suppose any of our Sydney mates have a stash of boxes that they don't need...do they?

Rob and I have to start hording the darned things again. About 2 1/2yrs ago, we threw out 60+ cardboard cartons and now we wish we hadn't. We are also going to have to go through our possessions and do a huge cull. I think we will be doing a lot of listing on E-bay...hopefully we may make enough to defray at least some of the costs of moving. When I moved down here, it cost me just over $4K (and we did the packing) now it looks like costing around the $5-6K mark.(shudder) Still, we can't replace all our stuff for that price, so we will just have to bite the bullet.

Oh that's right...I hadn't told you had I? We have decided that we are moving back to Far North Queensland and our home in Gordonvale (25kms south of Cairns). Neither of us has a job to go to yet, but the feelers are out. Doing the math, it will cost us at least $13K LESS, per annum, to live there. We will also be living in our own place - which is a definate plus! Imagine being able to have power points where we actually need them!

The aim is to be leaving mid January. I need to give our tenants 90days notice, so it won't be too long before I'm making that joyous phone call to the Rental managers. The place is not in a good state and we it's going to take some real TLC to get it anywhere near the way it used to look. Still, now's the time to totally redecorate.

One thing that we are really looking forward to, is being able to have a dog again. It's also a pretty decent area to go for walks, so both of us might be able to drop those persistant Kgs that have taken up residence around our mid sections.

It's going to be tough being without our friends. There's not a particularly strong gaming scene in Cairns...too many other things going on. I'm sure we'll find plenty to keep us out of mischief. We will still be at the end of the phone line and on the computer. Oh and we do have a guest bedroom.

Both of us have the feeling that it's the right time for us to make the move. Following our hearts is something we've come to trust, so it's time to climb up on the garage roof, put on our capes and take a flying leap of faith.

...oh I must remember to take the umbrellas!


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October 12, 2004

Straight Talking from Me.

Today Rob decided to cancel his Black Talon Campaign. It was the right thing to do.
It will save conflict between our friends. The campaign isn’t the cause of the conflict.
The conflict is caused because we can’t accept violence as part of our lives…even indirectly.

I’m probably going to tread on some toes here, but there are things that I need to say and I’m going to do it the best way I know how…BLUNTLY! Actual Physical Violence is not the answer to anything! If you want violence as part of your life, stay away from this household.

I’m not going to use names, because, if those concerned read this, they know them already.

Domestic violence is something I know about – intimately. I was subjected to it by two of my husbands. I realised that it wasn’t only affecting me physically, but it was actually infecting me and planting the seeds of violence in my mind.

I recognised this while lying wide awake on the lounge at 2.30am, after yet another incident…I was thinking of ways to murder my, then, husband, without being found out. The shock of that, made me decide to exclude violence in any shape or form, from my personality. The closest I ever came to reneging on that, was telling my late husband (after he had knocked me from one side of the room to the other, while in a drunken rage) that he had to sleep sometime. I said it in deadly earnest and it scared him shitless.

There is no excuse that you can give me for domestic violence. Defending ones home from intruders isn’t violence…it’s defence. If a wife attacks a husband and isn’t armed with a lethal weapon, then that man should remove himself from the situation until it’s defused. I know women can goad and provoke, but those aren’t weapons she’s using, only words, no matter how hurtful. If a woman can remove herself from danger then she should. Unfortunately I never had that luxury. The main consideration is that, if there are children involved, they are not subjected to their parents fighting. It really does leave permanent scars, as quite a few of us can attest to.

The rubbish that has been dumped on Rob and myself is not something we are going to accept. We do not want to lose good friends, but both Rob and myself have standards and ethics we will not compromise. If you feel that violent behaviour is OK, then we are sorry, but we feel you should start questioning your motives.

A friend of ours said, very recently, ‘if you want Peace, then you go visit Rob and Vickie’. It’s a wonderful compliment – even if it does make us sound rather boring. Another of our friends once said that he found our home to be a haven…I hope he continues to think so. We try to live our lives in the most peaceful way we know how. We love our friends, but we have our limitations.

The decal on our front window (just by the front door) says “This is a Peace House”…we intend to keep it that way!



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