November 24, 2004



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Well it's official - I finish work on Dec.2nd!

Nothing's been done about the computer problem and I've heard, from a very reliable source, that the business has been sold. My boss will be staying on as manager for a while. It's been up for sale for about 12mths but past interested parties haven't followed through, but this one has. I gather the new owner is going to be putting in an appearance this morning.

I spoke with a friend in the know last night and she mentioned that she'd heard I was leaving a month earlier than planned. If she knows, then I guess it's a given. I've been there for 2 1/2yrs and not once have I managed to go to any of the staff parties or social gatherings, so I'm not expecting a 'going away' party!

It's going to be nice to be able to organise the move without interuptions. Speaking of the move, We've had a few quotes in so far. One was a ridiculous figure of nearly $9K and the one we got yesterday was $6.5K. My son has given me a mate's name and Rob faxed off the details this morning. Hopefully he will come in at an even better price. It turns out we have approx. 47cubic meters to ship. Where did it all come from?!!!

The Garage Sale is scheduled for Sunday, December 12th between 9am and 5pm. With luck a lot of minor items, like clothes and books etc, will find homes in the Sydney area. If you're in the district on that date, pop over and see what we have.

'til next time,


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November 19, 2004

Decisions, Decisions.

Just an update on the work situation.

I had previously given my notice in at work, with a separation date of January 6th, leaving me a couple of weeks to complete packing for the move.

Last night the allocations application was staggering along, I was getting really cranky and ready to kill somebody, when I got a phone call from Rob. For once he got really forcefull with me and told me that the few dollars I earn there, is not worth the amount of stress I'm going through. He also told me that our good friend Leslie had phoned him after reading my last posting and said pretty much the same thing. (Bless her little cotton socks.)

So...I wrote a letter to my boss - whom I really, really like, telling her that, unless the Allocations programme is fixed soon, I will be leaving on Dec 2nd, to preserve my sanity. (Well I didn't say sanity - I used the word 'health', but I think she will get the message!)

I'm hoping, for purely selfish reasons, that the IT guys can't fix it. I love the idea of not being there. I want to take my time packing. I've moved households before and I remember, vividly, how horrible it is.

The thought of only having two more weeks to work is looking better and better! Actually the thought of not going back at all is even more attractive.


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November 16, 2004


Hi All,
I'm actually at work scribbling this. It's not that I've nothing to do - in fact I have quite a stack of work. My problem is that the programme I use to do my data entry is playing up rotten! It's a really comprehensive application called 'Allocations' and the licence costs a bomb. It's been running slow for months, but now, since we had a new server installed, it's been reduced to crawling along really, really slowly.

Our friendly IT team can't seem to find out what the problem is. I feel like quitting here and now, because my stress level is through the bloody roof! Trying to achieve any level of efficiency is impossible. It's like asking a mechanic to fix a Ferrari with a paper clip!

It's really quite strange, because the Payroll and Invoicing applications are fairly racing along - it's just the entry of shifts and staff which is playing up. Both payroll and Invoicing are calculated from the data I, and the other Allocations Co-ordinators, input.

The only thing that I can think of is to have the IT guys do a back-up and a clean reinstall, but I can't see them doing that unless every other avenue fails.

Just as an example; I entered two items and those took 20mins. I can't continue working this way, my blood pressure must be through the roof. How the daytime staff manage I have no idea, it must be sending them insane!

Does anyone of my readers have any suggestions? It would be wonderful if we could solve the problem.

Thanks for reading my bitch.

Vickie (... who forgot to take the Panadol to work.)

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November 09, 2004

Another Wedding Pic.

Us Again

We had some more photos sent to us this evening. Thanks to Dan for some really nice pics.

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Not Far Away...

Hi all,
It's all 'busy, busy' at this end. I'm getting antsy with wanting to pack and knowing, that the moment I tape a box closed, I'm going to want something out of it.

For the first time we are going to have to pay for cardboard packing boxes.(Shock horror!) At least I've found somewhere who will do free delivery if the order is over $60. $60 doesn't buy many cartons...even if they are second hand.

Still - enough of that. What I really wanted to talk about was Christmas...or lack thereof. I'm not particularly religious but I know quite a few people who are. Apart from in the Christian churches, where are the Nativity scenes going to be this year? I haven't even heard the dates for Carols in the Domain yet.

If I go overseas to a country where Christianity is in the minority, I don't expect there to be Christmas celebrations - but this is AUSTRALIA. We are a predominantly Christian country. Aren't we carrying multi-culturalism and political correctness too far? We shouldn't have to consider whether those of different faith are going to be offended. Frankly they don't have that right. The old adage 'When in Rome' is still valid!

Is it just Sydney that's taking a turn for the worse or is it Australia wide? Are we so scared of offending our migrant population (legal and illegal) that we fear retribution? Thank God for suburbs like Mt.Colah who still put up Christmas lights.

I know that some of the larger stores decorate for the season, but they are so commercial that even Santa has taken a back seat. The store decorations seem to be comprised of Christmas trees (pagon symbolism, which we still indulge in) or icicles and snowflakes...with perhaps a star sneaking in without comment.

It would be nice to know that my great-grandchildren will have an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with all the trimmings and that it won't become just another excuse for a public holiday, without a thought for the reason.

I have noticed that those who don't observe Christmas, will still take the holiday or expect penalty rates if they do work. Smacks of double standards to me!

Let's reclaim Christmas.


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