December 07, 2004

One of these days things are going to go to plan!

As you would have read, I finished work on Thursday last week. I was assured that my final pay would be taken care of on Friday and deposited into our joint account. Riiiight!

I wasn't reallye expecting it to be there before today - which is normal pay day for the office staff. Apparently I set my sights a little high. I hadn't bargained on the National Australia Bank!

Problem: The new owners had set up their banking with the NAB and it was supposed to be activated Monday. I rang the pay office and they informed me, with regret (I could hear the intake of breath) that the earliest my pay would be in the bank would be Thursday. The simple fact is that the NAB hasn't set up the account yet!

I must admit to being rather short...I asked if they were going to pay me the interest I'd be missing out on. OK so that's being bitchy, but hey - it's my money and as it was a termination pay, if should have been payed out the next day. I hope for their sakes that the NAB has the account active on Thursday... it's the Nursing Staff pay day and I don't think they want to field two hundred phone calls from staff wanting to know where their money is!

Last Sunday we hired a ute from Kennards to pick up a couch from Mosman. We had it for 4hrs. When we took it back they gave us a docket and credited us with the deposit refund as normal. It's Tuesday and that amount is STILL not in our account - apparently their bank takes 48hrs to return credits to your bank account.

I remember, when I was working for Queensland Health, that whenever anything new was introduced to the payroll computer system, there could be a delay of up to a week in receiving our pays. It was always shrugged off by the management. Strange how it never affected the salaried officers.

I found out, on the Union grapevine, that the money was actually being sent off shore for a couple of days and they were making huge profits. The Union went to war and our legal advisors informed the department that a late payment fee would be attached for every day they were late. It was amazing how quickly computer updates became hassle free.

Since those times, I've become increasingly suspicious, when there are any glitches, in my dealings with financial institutions. It's my/our money and I object strongly to having someone else holding out on us. It seems they can use our money whenever they want, but we can't.


Posted by Midus at December 7, 2004 02:58 PM