December 22, 2004

I thought I'd take a few minutes from my busy day to have a cup of coffee and a natter to my friends.

We had a delivery of 23 packing boxes this morning and I've been putting them to good use. The temperature is 30oC and I'm exhausted already. We've already thinned out our library, but the filled boxes keep mounting up. Thank goodness we have enough bookcases to hold them...problem is do we have enough space in our home in Gordonvale to hold the bookcases!

Enough of packing. We held our Annual 'Vickie & Rob' Christmas bash on Saturday the 18th. Of the 30 people we invited, 15 accepted...about what we expected. Of those 15, only 9 showed up. We were pretty disappointed, because we'd spent a lot on food. Two of them were sick, so they are excused. The rest either forgot or accepted more attractive invitations. Thanks 'Friends'. This was going to be our chance to say Goodbye to many of you.

If any of them really want to see us before we leave, then they know where to find us.

Those who did turn up were a pretty convivial bunch and we all enjoyed ourselves. (Well I didn't hear anything to the contrary.) Rob and I have just about finished the left overs...except for the dips and a cheese platter. Rob actually remembered to take some photos and when he gets around to downloading them, I'll post some here.

You know, it's possible that our parties are too civilized. No loud music, nobody gets drunk and there are never any altercations and everyone keeps their gear on. I guess that must be rather boring to some.

Christmas day is going to be spent with Rob's family. Neither of us is particularly looking forward to it...last year we went to the 'real' zoo, rather than spend the day living on the edge. This year we are obliged to attend the family lunch - it will be our last for quite some time. Rob's family love him and want to see him. I'll just be along for nuisance value.

Boxing day we are going to the Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Power House Museum. We have tickets for the 1pm tour - I'm buggered if we were going to leave Sydney without seeing it! We also have plans to visit a few of our favourite places before we go, but it all depends on how organized we are.

Anyway...back to the packing.

I'll have another cuppa with you soon.


Posted by Midus at December 22, 2004 11:29 AM