December 28, 2004

Happy 28th of December!
I can say that...because Christmas is OVER and New Year's not yet here.

It's that lovely time of year when things sort of grind to a halt. After Christmas Sales were yesterday. People have either gone back to where they came from or left for a few days away at the beach. Pennant Hills Road is actually really quiet, right now.

Christmas Eve was lovely...Rob left work early and we spent some quality time together watching the Lord of the Rings. It's become a Christmas Tradition for us. We only managed the Fellowship & The Two Towers and saved Return of the King for Christmas night.

Christmas Day - We stayed up until 2am and opened our Pressies!
My daughter Jacqui and her family in Melbourne gave us a really welcome gift of a metal box filled with 12 little cannisters of unusual spices - ones that won't be too easy to get in Cairns. They are going to see a lot of use when our new kitchen is built. My daughter Gemma and her family(also in Melbourne) sent me a slightly off-beat sachet for the wardrobe - in the shape of a bra. Rob got a really terrific Cook-Book. It's designed with guys in mind. Who knows - it might actually encourage him to acquire some culinary skills, because he doesn't have many that I've noticed! Actually he was really happy with it.

My darling gave me two boxed DVD sets of Halifax FP (for those overseas readeers - it's an Aussie TV drama show) and a DVD of Local Hero. Rob's been wanting me to see it for ages, because I've had the sound track CD for years. He also gave me a beautiful 'French Country' nightdress made from white lawn, with lovely smocking all over the top. It should be perfect for the hot nights up north.

Rob's Aunt Heather sent a wonderful scarf/shawl in a gorgeous bronze colour - it's wonderful and reminds me of mithril in the way it moves and shimmers. I know it should really be silver coloured, but hey this is my imagination...right?

When we woke on Christmas morning, we called all the five kids and had nice long chats. We found out that Jenny and her family, who live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, had been flooded out two weeks before Christmas. Apparently there was heavy rain and the council hadn't been keeping the drain across the road clear. They ended up with knee deep water throughout the house. Jenny lost her 1 yr old car, dishwasher, washingmachine and, of course, all the carpets. Hopefully their insurance will cover it all. Christmas at their place was a little chaotic.

OK...So we had to bite the bullet this year and spend Christmas Lunch with Rob's family. It's going to be our last for some time. It was also the first Christmas without Rob's mum Anne and we knew it was going to be overshadowed by her absence. One thing Anne really loved was Christmas! Ian tried to do all the things she would have done and did a pretty good job...but he couldn't add the special touches.

It was never going to be easy and it wasn't. Ian drank too much - but then he always does. He broke down and it fell to Rob to try and help him. We went through the usual critisism of Rob not doing IT courses to further his career - what Ian was really expressing was his fear that Rob won't be able to find suitable work in Cairns. He's under the impression that Cairns is actually a small town - when in actual fact it's a City. Sure it's a lot more laid back than Sydney and a lot smaller, but it's thriving. I might add that Ian has never even been to Cairns...the closest he got was Townsville in the 70s, when he was still in the Royal Navy! It's no good trying to tell him differently, because he will believe what he wants to believe.

I've been charged with the task of 'looking after Rob'...something I do anyway...but I found that a little ironic, seeing as I'm the one with hypertension, diabetes and arthritic hips and back!!! Rob is quite capable of looking after himself and me too. It would be nice if Ian could see him as a man and not a child - but then that's fathers for you.

I would like to add, that Rob and I both received some lovely gifts and lunch was really nice, Ian, unlike Rob, can actually cook. Mind you, he hates cleaning up, so everyone else did that.

Boxing Day - You'd have thought we would have been totally Lord of the Rings tired by that time, but no. We caught a train into Darling Harbour and went to the Power House Museum for the LTR exhibition. Rob got the tickets the week before, because it's not going anywhere else but Sydney and there was no way we were going to miss it! If you like LTR, I suggest you make sure to go. It's amazing to see the costumes and weapons. There's even a 'life size' cave troll! The work on the armour and weapons is wonderful. How could the cast NOT become their charactors, when wearing such costumes??!

We finished the evening by watching the Bruce Campbell movie Bubba Ho-Tep - it's not available here, so I'd ordered it from Amazon as part of Rob's Chrissie Pressie. It's totally whacky and off the wall - it's an absolute hoot!

Yesterday we spent packing. The lounge room has nearly been finished and Rob has broken the back of packing the gear in the study. It's not a job either of us relish, but starting early will make it less traumatic in the long run.

Our friend James dropped by in the evening and we had a meal and a good catch-up. It's been an absolute age since we've seen him and we've made a firm promise to keep in touch. He's one of those quiet people who never pushes and you don't realise how much time has past.

Today, we really should go get some groceries. The fridge is looking bare and there are some essentials that we desperately need. I think Rob has plans for us to see a movie this afternoon - we are having the day off from packing.

Next Christmas, we will be far away from Sydney and hopefully we will be having a BBQ and fun with the family there.

Enjoy your last days of 2004.


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