December 12, 2004

Well Rob and I successfully wasted 8hrs of our time today. We also wasted a whole heap of time during the last week or so...time that could have been utilised packing.

We held our garage sale today and nobody came. We had posters up all over the place. We put careful thought into how we would display the goodies...all to no avail.

It's not all bad though. The majority of clothes that we don't want anymore are now neatly folded in boxes in the boot of the car, ready to go to the thrift shop tomorrow. There's also a box of odds and ends of china and a box of photo and picture frames + a signed poster by a guy called Jonathan Chester, who is an Antarctic explorer and photographer. I hope St.Vinnies make a few bucks from them.

The boxes of books are another problem. Some of them are just about brand new and if there's not a used bookshop that wants them, I'll ask the Red Cross if they want them for the Hospital book trollies.

We are going to list our old TV and stand on E-bay - it's still in pretty good nick and if no one wants it, we'll take it up North with us. (We know it works well, because we had it on all day in the carport.) It can go in the outside entertainment area (when it's dry.)

The other items we don't want to take are two cane bar stools one tall and one a little bit shorter. There's a little bit of binding missing on one of the legs, but otherwise they are in good condition. They came from designer Gary Masters' studio and cost over $100 each.

It's amazing just how exhausting it can be - doing nothing! Rob's slipped out for take-away because we are both too tired to bother cooking.

I'll write soon, when I'm in a better mood!


Posted by Midus at December 12, 2004 04:28 PM