February 10, 2005

Home Again, Home Again...

G'day All!

Rob and I have been in our home in Gordonvale since Feb.27th. The furniture and effects arrived safe and sound, without losing even a wine glass. That shows, either what good guys the removalists were, or what a 'superior packer' I am! Oh and Lauren, not a drop of sauce was spilled either. We finally got the phone on and the ADSL was connected yesterday.

I could have cried on seeing the state the house was in and being told by the real estate agent, that I had no redress, because the keys had been handed over...which constituted taking possession. She considered it to be all normal wear and tear! Yep, I would have done so too, IF I had given tenancy to a troop of baboons. My agreement was for one single man and an aged dog. I later revised it to be one single man and two dogs. It seems that I had One single man, his girlfriend, her daughter and anything from 5 - 7 dogs. Totally in contravention of the lease...but hey...the real estate were getting their cut, so why the hell should they give a F***?

The new kitchen is underway and should be fitted by the end of next week. We went in today to select the colour scheme. Doors will be Antique White and the roll edged counter top will be Kakadoo Stone (kickboard is black) I also selected some classy looking handles. I'm looking forward to having lots of overhead cupboard space and proper storage drawers - not to mention a nice size pantry. We've already purchased a new fridge and the damaged oven element should be replaced this week.

I've never actually seen an oven element with a 5" piece missing. The electrician said there are only three ways it can happen; a) Something is dropped on it. b) So much oil/fat is coating it that it catches fire and burns out or c) It came in contact with water while it was switched on.(eg: cooking a frozen roast). So much for the element going 'bang' as the tenant said. The electrician said it certainly wouldn't have exploded!

Our neighbours are ecstatic to see us back. The ones over the back are in their 80s and were more than a little scared, when the tenant here, discarded a fire arm, during a party one night.

My son Karl has been a huge help in tidying up the yard...carting load after load of rubbish and prunings to the tip.

Karl is also reinforcing the dog run to accommodate the newest member of the Rob & Vickie menage. Her name is Zelda and she's a 4mth old Doberman. She's all lolly-legs and big feet right now. She was a stray - probably an unwanted Christmas puppy, who wandered into Karl's neighbourhood. The concerned citizens of that suburb were throwing stones to drive her away, when Karl rescued her. He already has two dogs (legal limit) so, as soon as we arrived, he put the guilts on us and we became instant parents. I think this week-end heralds her arrival at our place. Next week will be a trip to the vets for removal of her dew-claws and spaying, microchipping and worming etc. It's never been cheap having kids!

Rob went for an interview today, at the Cairns Court House. We know what happens, probably at the end of next week. He's also applied for a position at the local newspaper office, The Cairns Post...no, NOT as a reporter.

In the meantime he's been busy fiddling with our computers and providing height and muscle when I've needed it. (It's a bugger when you can't reach the curtain rail!)

Just as an aside, we have a lot of housekeeping due on our sites. The spammers have discovered the art of 'pinging'. Now I not only have to close posts for comment, but I also have to remove the 'ping' facility. If I was to ever come f2f with one of these morons, I would happily kick their behinds so hard, that their head would end up wearing their monitor as a collar!!! Cleaning up is going to take hours of time that we can't spare.

Speaking of spare time...I don't have any right now, so I'd better finish this and go cook some dinner. The heat is bloody awful and even the locals who have never left the place are whinging! If I could stand under a shower all day, I would be happy. Still, if we can survive this, next year will be a doddle!

See you later - hopefully I might have a few pics for you by then.


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