March 29, 2005

How Time Flies!

G'day All!

It seems like only the other day it was Christmas and now Easter has come and gone. It wasn't until I was removing spam from the guestbook, that I realized that it's been nearly 7 weeks since I last posted here. Sorry, but life's just run over the top of me!

What's new? Well Rob is 1/2 way through a stint with Centrelink...for those of you who aren't in Australia, that's the central office for Social Services here in Australia. He's been working in the call centre and the money isn't at all bad. He signed on through one of the agencies for 8 wks. He seems to like the work, so that's an added bonus.

The new kitchen is installed, but until we can raise a few more $$$, the splashback and the painting will have to wait. It's really nice having somewhere to actually put all our appliances and china, without having to delve into the depths of cupboards and still not find what I was looking for.

I had an overnight stay in hospital in February. A return visit of my old enemy Kidney stones. Fortunately it wasn't a lasting thing this time. Friday week I managed to get a dose of the flu...the cough was awful, but I'm pretty fit now, so I managed to shake it off in a week. I hear that it's making some people really sick. Not that I felt on top of the world.

Easter was spent in the garden. It was a real work out and my back is giving me heaps today, but at least you can see where we've been. Prior to this weekend, my son has taken about 10 utility truck loads of garden refuse to the rubbish tip. He now has at least another two waiting for him.

I actually found a couple of trees that I didn't know were there! They were totally hidden by undergrowth and blocked off by shrubs and other trees. I really feel as though we accomplished something and that all that hard yakka paid off. Sunday Rob and I went to a local nursery and bought 4 new plants. One garden bed was looking particularly barren and needed some TLC. We planted a couple of really nice bromiliads and a gardenia with a heavy perfume. We also planted another gardenia just outside the entertainment area, so we will have the pleasure of the aroma while we dine or party.

I was pretty ruthless with the pruning shears and the hibiscus bushes are looking a little less lush but they will come back a whole lot better than they were, now they have a chance to 'breathe'

Our 'little darling' Zelda, has taken up residence and has made us realize how easy we had it before. Life with a Doberman is one of being constantly chewed and loved in equal measure. She came through her ordeal with the vet with flying colours. The vet's instructions were to keep her 'quiet' for 7 days...yeah...right! She was bouncing and ready to investigate the world the next day.

I've never owned, or met a dog, quite like her. She loves fruit of, canteloup, pawpaw, pineapple, rambutan, banana and all the rest. She really likes veges too...including onion, carrot, celery, cucumber, olives, lettuce and tomato. If I've missed any, she would eat those too. The result of her diet, is that her coat is really glossy and shines like satin.

It's pretty nice to have family around us too. Rob's getting a taste of what it's like to have family who actually visit us. It's also really good that they all get on so well.

Anyway, time for me to start some much neglected housework. It's been missed in favour of working in the garden. I've really relished the hard work the yard demands. I can't say that Rob is so keen on it, but I think it will come with time. When you see the end results, satisfaction takes the place of aching muscles.

I promise not to stay away so long in the future.


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