May 06, 2005

Today I make Polenta

Today I make Polenta -
think of the stones that ground the corn.
Corn and stones both Earth born gifts

Stone is a friend of whom we rarely think.
We use it in our homes, use it for our homes
mark the graves of loved ones
names engraved for perpetuity.

Polenta cools on my marble slab
and when I work it
I use my mothers wooden rolling-pin,
polished with the use of many years.

Wood, stone and I,
retain memories within each line.

Vickie Farquhar (Copyright) May 2005

It's been a while since I've posted any poetry. I guess my Muse was taking a bit of a holiday while I sorted the rest of my life out. This is my entry into Workshop Challenge #66 at About Poetry.

If any of you have poetic aspirations, About Poetry is a great place to throw your work to the wolves. Seriously though, the majority of poets there - especially the old hands, are a kindly bunch who will offer you a critique without tearing you to shreds.

Posted by Midus at 10:20 AM