July 11, 2005

The Birthday Boy!

Yes...it's that time of year again and today is Rob's 28th birthday.Happy Birthday Darling!

We celebrated yesterday, with a BBQ in the back garden entertainment area. Sounds swish eh? It's really only a double carport with a cement floor attached to the house by some laserlite. Actually it's a nice spot to have a party because it doesn't matter if you make a mess...we can actually hose the place down after if needed. (Sorry Sydneysiders - I couldn't resist.)

It wasn't a big party, only 12 all told, but it was nice and relaxing. As usual I over catered, with family taking away excess salads etc. Seeing as Rob was BBQ chef (complete with striped apron) he felt free to indulge in a few Heinekin. He certainly deserved them! I must thank my daughter Deena for giving me a helping hand and for icing the birthday cakes. That's right 'cakes'. My daughter-in-law has a wheat allergy, so I made her a seperate cake - I certainly didn't want her to miss out.

Zelda had a pretty good time too. She had so much to eat that she forgot all about dinner last night. It certainly won't do her any harm.

Rob e-mailed me a short time ago, to let me know that his workmates put on a morning tea for him...only trouble is they forgot to tell HIM! :) I know he managed to find a sausage roll and some dip, so at least he had something.

I'm going to have a quiet day today. I think I may even make a start on a jigsaw puzzle. At least I can go back to it if I get bored.


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July 05, 2005

Does 4am really Exist?

Yep that's the time Rob and I were out of bed this morning.

Those of you who subscribe to Rob's website, know that his Nan died last week.
This morning he flew to Sydney for the funeral. He will be back in Cairns at 10.10pm.

We were expecting the bad news, so it's not been a huge shock, thank goodness. Still, it's hard for Rob to lose so many, loved family members, in the last 2 1/2yrs. We have to thank Rob's dad, Ian, for 'shouting' him the ticket to enable him to be there. If nothing else, he's a very generous man. It would have made a huge hole in our savings otherwise. I'm hoping that Rob's reunion with his dad won't be as traumatic as he imagines it's going to be. I'd like to think that having distance between them will improve their relationship.

It's going to be a bit of a shock for Rob to return to Sydney weather, even for a brief while. It's raining here this morning, but the temperature is still 23oC. I see that it's 9oC in Sydney at the moment. Needless to say, he's taken a warm jacket with him.

Ian will be meeting him at the airport, but many, many, thanks to Lauren for her kind offer of transport. It's a pity that there won't be time for Rob to catch up with our Sydney friends, but it's not possible. My son Karl will be picking him up tonight, so I won't have to drive the 38kms in the dark. I owe him.

Getting up before dawn has it's advantage, I guess. So far, apart from the trip to the airport, I've made the bed...probably a futile exercise, because at some time during the day, I'll crawl back in. I've had breakfast, put a load of washing on, trawled through my forums, read the news, listened to the news and given the dog her breakfast. Later on today I'll be bottling the next batch of pickled onions.

We had a marathon picking of mandarins on Sunday evening. We picked enough to feed an army! Somehow the crop has escaped the attention of the 'Big White Stupid things' (cockatoos). It's the first time I can actually remember that happening. We have mandarin juice to spare and still have a large box left, even after selecting some for Rob's work mates at Centrelink.

Next Monday, July 11th is Rob's 28th birthday and we have a BBQ planned for Sunday afternoon. Hopefully the weather will be fine and the mossies will be on holiday.

This is the first time that Rob and I have been in different States since the beginning of March 2001...and I miss him already...even if it is only for 1 day. Actually it's the first time we've been in different cities, since then, too. We have our first Anniversary on August 14th and it only seems like it was a couple of weeks ago. We still miss the Normanhurst Pizza Cafe's Blue Cheese Pizza Bread! Those of you who were at the 'reception' will know why.

OK...time for me to go put the clothes in the dryer and wait for Rob's phone call to say he's arrived safe and sound.


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