August 05, 2005

Not Before Time!

Apologies for my absence.

I've been busy doing (and achieving) absolutely nothing!

Rob and I have both had this disgusting head cold that appears to have reached every corner of Australia. I managed to nip Rob's in the bud, with a mixture of Lemsip and 1/3rd tspn of dried chili infused in it. Sort of 'Kill or Cure' but it worked. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky and am now barking like a dog.

Retirement...I now understand why people say it's a difficult thing to get used to.
Prior to retiring, I was always organised and everything managed to get done. Now I have trouble deciding what to wear! I rarely leave the house and at the end of the day I wonder what I did to fill in the hours.

Sometime soon, we are having the new floor covering for the kitchen and dining room, laid. It will be lovely to get rid of the old vinyl(kitchen) and dust catching carpet. The vinyl was laid on top of old tiles, which, to my amazement, have asbestos in the mix. The vinyl has a paper backing which is also impregnated with asbestos! My guy from the flooring company told me that it was standard practice when they were put down. Anyway...up they come and down goes a nice warm wood patterned vinyl with a felt backing.

The worst part about getting new floor covering, is where the heck do we put the furniture and fridge, while this is all going on? It's not an exercise that I'm looking forward to! Still, I feel lucky to be getting it done, as it's a month for heavy bills. Tax this year is a killer...$800+ to pay and just to add insult to injury, the rates notice came in - there goes another $700. Sometimes you can't win for losing.

One bright note. I had a poem published as 'Poem of the Day' (which seems to run nearly all week) on the Australian Poetic Soc. web page.

My son Karl and his wife Jodie, have put their house up for sale. They want to buy another one, which belongs to a friend. The new house has a huge shed...and as we all know...every boy(man) deserves a shed! It's also a larger house and they have plans to rip the kitchen out and replace it with a more functional one. (Sound familiar?)

Zelda is my constant companion during the week days. Mind you, as soon as 'Daddy' gets home, she tends to forget I exist...unless I'm preparing food. We now have her trained to 'speak' on command. She also 'speaks' when she wants to of course, but when we ask her to, she tries to do it very softly and it sort of comes out as 'huff' instead of 'WOOF', which is really cute.

Anyway, time for me to finish this ramble and log on and pay the bills. I really do appreciate internet banking.

I'll be back!


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