November 21, 2005

Count Down

It's the time of year when I wish I could change the date to the previous month. Only 35 days to Christmas and I'm only just thinking about gifts. Actually that's a big fib, I've been thinking about them for ages, just not got around to doing anything about them.

This year has been really expensive for Rob and myself- what with the move and the renovations, which still aren't completed. I'm lucky with my kids here. They aren't really big on receiving gifts, they just like the get togethers. The Melbourne connection is just about covered, but the Goldcoast remains a problem.

It's all the grandchildren that I have, who are difficult to give to. Two of them I've never met. One of them I only met when he was little. Strange that those three children have the same mother. Her eldest daughter visited Rob and myself at Easter last year and we had a great time together...she's now close to 17 and not living at home - Goodness knows, when the next time we see her, will be.

I've not seen my granddaughters on the Goldcoast since 1998, but at least we keep in touch. I dearly want to see them before they go their own ways.

It's funny but my eldest daughter's little girl,who was our ring bearer, never seems far away, even though they live in Melbourne too. I guess that's because her mum and I yack on the phone quite often. I'm hoping that they might find time (and money) for a visit before too long.

Anyway, enough of my whinging. It's nearly time for the annual "Rob & Vickie Silly Season Party." Invitations are out and so far we've had 8 replies. Only 5 days to go before the RSVP date is here. It's on Dec.10th and this year I'll have my daughter Deena to give me a hand with the catering. She's probably the only person I know, who can work alongside me in a kitchen, without getting in my way. She has the ability to get on with things without having to be told what to do. Deena is nearly as much a perfectionist in the kitchen as I am.

I did a trial run of Christmas dog bikkies yesterday and they proved to be a munchie success with Zelda. Karl (son) took home a couple to test on his two dogs. If anyone wants the receipe, just ask. My son ate one himself and declared them to be pretty good. I nibbled one and it gets my seal of approval too.

I've made one batch of cheese straws and they go into the freezer today. I'll make another lot about a week before the party. Freezer space is one thing we don't lack!

I've been collecting nice bottles to use for Taragon Vinegar. I make my own labels and I must say, the finished product looks really professional on the shelf. I love giving home-made pressies.

Having said that, I've got to go make a batch of ANZAC biscuits for our own use. I'll probably make up some more to package for the kids for Christmas gifts.

OK...time to get my A into G.

Catch you all later.


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November 05, 2005

How Much Mulch is Enough?

Today the trees got a haircut.
Not much style to it. Four of the them have gone to the great woodpile in the sky...well actually to the huge piles of mulch which are dominating our back garden. The four in question were a Foxtail Palm from the front garden, a Jacaranda which gave up the ghost (they are prone to do that) and two trees of indeterminate species. The 70 year old Lychee has been drastically reduced in size and so has the Ficus. All this frenzied activity is due to the expected onset of the cyclone season - February to April.

It took 3 guys with all the right equipment, a total of 3 hours to do the work. Of course the green ants got angry and no one was safe! Unfortunately I was silly enough to go down the back to inspect, wearing a skirt. As soon as I brushed against a branch, I was attacked. I have bites in places that never see the sunlight!

As soon as the tree lopers departed, I started carting the mulch to the front garden bed and the ones in the dog this time I'd changed into some, much more practical, shorts. By the time Rob came home from work, I'd moved about 13 loads. We moved another 7 or so by the time it was too dark to see. Those 20 loads have barely made a dent in the first pile!

Zelda is having great fun with the mulch. She burrows into the pile and comes out with a tiny piece of wood in her mouth. You'd think she was looking for that exact piece, the way she carries on!

Saturday looks like being a pretty full day. Probably a trip to Rusty's Market in the morning and more mulching in the afternoon. I'm hoping to get the weed mat (for the pathways) down on Sunday and covered with chip by the end of the day.

I was so glad that I put the furniture dusting off this week. It would have been totally wasted time...the amount of sawdust in the air was amazing!'s Midnight and I'm knackered. So it's goodnight from me!


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