December 25, 2005

Well that was Christmas!

Hi All!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day and enjoy the rest of the break...if you're getting one.

We had an early Christmas gift this year. My youngest granddaughter Christine, who lives in Melbourne, underwent major surgery earlier in the month, for what turned out to be a huge benign tumour. They say 'benign' but it was still potentially fatal and did quite a bit of damage. It was pressing between the lung and the chest wall. It had invaded the lung and the cardiac sac. It also totally destroyed the main nerve between the lung and the diaphragm. It was an anxious time for all of us, but she totally blew them away with her recovery. Her lung reinflated spontaniously and she was discharged from hospital a week ago. She still has a way to go, because she will have to have continuing physio to combat the overdevelopment of the right side of her diaphragm...but she's looking well. Did I mention that Christine is 2 1/2yrs old?

Christmas Eve, my daughter Deena came over to see if she could help prepare for the family dinner on Christmas Day. To save time, we bought fish & chips for tea. Rob, myself and Deena all ate them. Later we prepared prawns for the Prawn Cocktails that I had decided on for entree. Deena ate a couple while we were peeling them.
Today she rang me to tell me she'd been up all night kneeling before the porcelain alter. I immediately thought it was the prawns, because neither Rob nor I were ill. She came over at about 9.30 but ended up on our bed under the air conditioner.

I was in the shower and thinking about whether to throw out the beautiful prawns we had, curtesy of my son Karl, when I had an epiphany! Deena has been using patches to give up smoking, but the evening she was here, she hadn't used one but she DID smoke quite a few cigarettes. My eldest daughter rang us and when I mentioned it, she confirmed that it had effected a few of her friends that way too. Puzzle solved/ Prawn Cocktails still on the menu.

Unfortunately Deena wasn't well enough to eat and she wasn't in the best of moods either, so of course we had

far more food than we needed...cold cuts for the next week are indicated because I did my usual trick of overcatering. We had a bit of a blow up with Deena's son (19) saying something she took exception to, but that blew over eventually. What would Christmas be, without an incident like that!?? Zelda enjoyed her Christmas dinner too.

We received some lovely of the best was Karl's wife Jodie announcing that, the baby she is expecting in May, gave her the first kicks she could actually feel, on Christmas Eve. It's their first and Karl is being a wonderful father in waiting.

All in all, Christmas was Christmas.

Thanks to those of you who sent cards/phoned/e-mailed/sent E-Cards or SMS'd us. We hope we didn't miss anyone on our list, but if we did, we apologise and hope you know we were thinking of you.

To our families...thank you for your support and love. It means so much to us

Lastly, to my husband Rob. You're the reason I wake up with a smile and I love the life we have together. Thank you Darling.

My wish for 2006 is that it be the year the people of the World come to their senses.


Posted by Midus at 10:32 PM