February 26, 2006

It's Been a Long Time Between 'Drinks"!

Finally we've met some fellow gamers who aren't totally committed to D&D or Goth type games - even though they are both GMs in those genres!

Crystal and Simon have just moved to Cairns from Brisbane and so far they love the place. They are fortunate to have found a large house in one of the better suburbs. They need a large house because they have 4 young daughters (including twins.) It's set into the side of a hill in a nice quiet street, quite close to the botanical gardens.

We visited them for the first time today and were relieved to find they were our sort of people. What you see is what you get...and Rob and I both liked what we saw. We are getting together next Saturday lunch time for our first game. It's going to be 'Dogs in the Vineyard' which fortunately doesn't require a massive rule book and huge amounts of preparation. Anyone whose played in a group with me, will know that I get a glassy look in my eyes when things get too technical! I just play for the fun of it and it will never be 'life or death' for me.

Crystal is keen to start an herb garden, so I'm going to see if I can strike a few cuttings for her. My herb garden is thriving, even if it is a bit water logged at the moment. Yes folks, we've actually been getting some decent rain! I measured about 90mls in one 24hr period the day before yesterday.

Rob finished the painting in the computer room last weekend and the bookcases etc are now back in place. It's amazing how much brighter the room is. The new tiles make a huge differencetoo - I totally loathed the old carpet we had there and took great delight in ripping it up! The only rooms with carpet now are the bedrooms and our dressing room. As soon as we can afford it, that will be going too. It's too humid in this area for carpet. You may not be able to see it, but mould loves carpet and I can't stand the thought of going through another wet season cultivating a bumper crop of the rotten stuff!

Tomorrow we are off to the movies...we have freebie tickets, so it's going to be a cheap afternoon of entertainment. I'm not exactly sure that we've settled on what we are seeing yet, but I'll let you know.

Anyway...It's goodnight from me - see you all later!


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February 03, 2006

Return of the Slack Tart

Hi all,
Sorry for being so slack lately. It's that time of year, in Cairns, when my brain goes into melt down.
I know that most of you have been experiencing extreme weather conditions of one kind or another, but the humidity here has been terrible.


It's effect on people is weird. Even the most sensible of people, suddenly develop sponges instead of brains...Ask Rob! This morning he rang me in a bit of a panic. He had arrived at the Casino Car Park to discover his briefcase and his lunch bag were missing. He had visions of having left them on the roof of the car, while he came back into the house to pick up his car keys. He asked me to check the garden to see if they had fallen off there...rather than on the journey in to Cairns. In actual fact he had placed them on the top of the outside freezer. So apart from having to buy his lunch, all is well!

The renovations to the Computer room and the hallway are STILL not completed. My grandson has been procrastinating and, instead of taking a week to do, they are still waiting on final coats 5 weeks later. I'm totally fed up with living in a mess! Soon it will be time to strip the walls in the dining room and start painting there...I'm honestly considering Rob and I doing the job ourselves - I can't bear the thought of a repeat performance!

The lovely rain we had last week, seems to have disipated. It's a pity, because we need a lot more to bring the water table up to a sustainable level. The garden is flourishing...apart from the cucumber plants which drowned. The weeds have been horrendous, but are (fingers crossed) within management range. I think Rob has nightmares at the rate the lawn grows! We actually gave in and purchased a motor mower a couple of months ago as it was just too exhausting for Rob to be using the hand mower in the heat.

Speaking of the rain, our clothes dryer went on the fritz just as the rain arrived. Rather than race off and buy a new one, we put up clothes lines in the outside entertainment area. I have a rotary line out in the garden, but I hate standing in the sun, so, even though the rain has ceased (for now) I still hang the clothes on the undercover lines. Each time I do so, I think of how much money I'm saving on the electricity bill. My son will be buying a new and larger dryer soon. They need a larger one because of the, not to distant, birth of their baby. Karl is going to pass their old one over to us. I'm going to make sure that it only gets used in an emergency.

It's nearly time for Zelda to have her annual shots. Hard to imagine that she's owned us for over a year now! Amazing how one stray dog can have become so important to us - but she certainly has. I'm very grateful for her companionship and the lavish love she spreads on the family.

I guess I've rambled on for long enough...time to go read the latest edition of Better Homes and Gardens, that the postie just delivered!

Catch you all later!


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