May 26, 2006

Seth William Bowman & his Nanna Vickie.


Baby Seth made his entrance at 1.28am this morning Friday 26th May, 2006. Weight 2.72kgs (6lbs 9ozs) length 52cm. Mum, Dad and baby are all well!
We are all really proud of Jodie because it was a totally natural birth...Karl was wonderful too.

Gotta go...lots to do!

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May 25, 2006

Did You Miss Me?

OK, so I've been less than productive on the writing side of things. That doesn't mean I've been sitting on my tail doing nothing!

March (and my last posting) may seem like a long time ago to most of you, but here, the time has just flown by.
Yesterday the last of the cyclone debris was cleared away. It took a Bobcat and a mechanical digger to finally dispose of the fig tree root system. I'm glad the insurance paid the bill!

Just after the cyclone, we found that 2 large milky pines had ominous splits in their main trunks and, for the safety of our neighbours and ourselves, should be removed. A couple of weeks ago the deed was done - we were left with a mountain of mulch to spread, so really, both trees are still part of the garden. We were not looking forward to all the hard work. It seems that we shouldn't have given it a thought, because when the guys cleared the fig tree root ball away, they used the bobcat to spread the mulch for us. Hooray! I know that Rob is overjoyed!

It amazes me that, both the tree clearing and the earth moving machinery, left so little damage. A few plants were crushed, but even they have recovered. Of course the persistantl rain we've been having would make anything grow...especially the weeds. We've spent days and days, just pulling weeds.

The other week, Rob planted out some bromiliades, in the garden under the footstall palms. The bromiliads were from the overgrown garden, that my son inherited with his new house. Rob and I went to the Cairns Botanic Gardens plant sale and I bought 6 ginger plants of different varieties. They've been planted at the base of our, very old, Lychee tree and appear to like the site. There's now a large bare patch where the fig tree was, but I had anticipated this, The Cairns Garden Show, 12 days ago, provided us with the oportunity to select a variety of plants to fill the gap. This weekend will see me going to my favourite store...Bunnings Hardware Warehouse, to stock up on fertilizer and various other gardening supplies. Of course I will do the rounds of the rest of the store - it's been a while since I've had my 'Hardware Fix'.

Apart from the garden, we are in the throws of renovating...still! We have all the materials to replace the balustrade on the front deck. We are planning on putting in a couple of new interior walls and getting the computer room rewired to cut down on the need for power boards. We also have new stainless steel bladed ceiling fans to be installed and some lighting changes. Oh and we plan on sheeting the downstairs lounge room, instead of putting up with block walls, which are a bugger to paint. Then, once that is done, the painting can start. (ugh!) The kitchen splash back has been finished and looks really great.

The 'renovating' hasn't stopped there. I've given myself a new look. I've finally had the nerve to change my hair colour! I'm now a light brunette with blond streaks and so far, everyone likes it...including me. Next Friday, I pick up my new glasses. They cost a fortune, but they are, what my grandson Rhys calls, 'Limmo range'. They will be graduated lenses (I normally have these) transitional (change with the light) and carbon coated, to cut glare and give them a scratch resistant surface. The frames are by 'Donna Karan' and quite stylish...even though there isn't much of them. Now...if I could just lose 10kgs and 20yrs, I'd be totally overjoyed! Actually, I'm really grateful to my darling husband, for allowing me to indulge myself. It's time he had a splurge on too!

Stop Press News!: Karl's wife Jodie has just starte labour witht their first baby. So it looks like grandchild #9 will make his appearance sometime today.

I'd better go and make an effort around the place, so that we can be free to go to the hospital later on this evening.

Catch you all later!


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