July 30, 2006

Harley Pin-up Boy!


Seth may only be 2 months old, but he knows a good bike when he sees one!

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July 27, 2006

It's All 'GO'!

Sorry for the looong delay in posting anything new, but I have a valid excuse this time - Chaos reigns at our place.

Major renovations have resumed and the contents of the lounge room are spread throughout the house and some larger items have migrated to my son Karl's garage. Even our bedroom and dressing room are in turmoil. It's a major achievement to get dressed in the mornings.

The electrical upgrade happened about 2 weeks ago - what a blessing that was! We have an extra 4 power outlets in the computer room (now giving us 6), which finally gets rid of most of the need for powerboards. We have an extra 4 outlets in the lounge and, when the renovations are finished, the speaker wires will be rendered nearly invisible. The kitchen now has 5 double outlets. We also replaced all the ceiling fans with nice stainless steel ones. It's weird being able to see your reflection in them. I have developed an absolute phobia where electrical cables are concerned...I HATE them and, unfortunately, I tend to be rather vocal about it. Poor Rob is left in no doubt about my problem. Once things are back in place, I'm hoping we can install some sort of conduits to run the offending item through. Up until now, we have had absolute rats nests behind our desks and the entertainment unit. It becomes hard to keep the dust, fluff and dogs hair under control and those things make for real fire traps. I guess the phobia comes through being the daughter of an electrician.

My son Karl (father of 2mth old Seth) is doing the renos for us...God bless his little cotton socks!
So far he's put up the frames for the dividing wall between the lounge room and the laundry. Prior to this we have used bookcases to do the job. We are actually going to be able to close a door and pretend it's not there! The temporary wall between the computer room and our dressing room has been torn down and the wardrobes (to which the wall was attached) have been torn assunder. I kept one narrow unit for use as a broom cupboard in the laundry. The cabinet maker who did my kitchen and all the new cabinets in Karl's house (he's doing major renos at his place too) is building the frame for an open plan closet for our clothe, at a really cheap price. Karl will install that when it's ready. At the moment, all our clothes from the wardrobes are hanging on mobile racks...which is a pain in the arse, but at least we can find them.

We are resheeting the entire lounge room - I can't wait to see what it will look like. At the moment, apart from the feature wall, it's just painted cement block, which acts like a magnet for every speck of dust and dirt. We're having a grand throw out of accumulated possessions that are either just dust collectors or out of place in the entirely new decor.

Once the lounge is painted and the new furnishings back in place - especially our new lounge suit - I'll post some pics, so you can see the end result.

The part of the garden fence destroyed by the cyclone has finally been replaced and the whole fence straightened up. Now...well when I get time...the garden will get a make over. We are going to have to fence off the area that needs replanting. We have my daughter Deena staying with us and also her dog Ziggy. Our Zelda and Ziggy treat the garden as their own private race track, so it would be pointless putting in new plants without some sort of barrier.

I'd better stop having fun now because I'm expecting a load of wall sheeting to arrive shortly and I need to let them know where I want it unloaded. As I said in the heading...It's all GO here.


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