August 14, 2006

How Lucky I am!

Today marks the second Anniversary of our wedding.
In some ways it seems like it was only yesterday, but in others, it feels like Rob and I have known each other forever...maybe we knew each other in a past life. The last 5 1/2yrs have been wonderful.

So much has happened in the last two years, there has been sadness and great joy. Decisions, made on the spur of the moment, have paid off in Aces! Moving back to Gordonvale proved to be the best thing we could have done. I thank my wonderful husband for, yet another, courageous act. I've never regreted one moment of my life with him.

Things here are still chaotic. Renovations are taking longer than was first expected...I think that's about par for the course though, from what I gather from other renovators. Enormous progress has been made though - even though cement dust coats everything. It's a horror time for this 'neat freak'.

The last few weeks have seen us with 2 extra 'real' rooms now. Temporary divisions have been replaced by permanent walls. We now have a proper dressing room with an open plan robe. Once the odds and ends from the lounge room are back where they belong, we will be able to enjoy it. I actually have a laundry that I can close off from the rest of the house, instead of an area hidden behind a bookcase! The ceiling trims and the skirting boards still have to be put in and the window frames finished, before painting can start, but the end is actually in sight. My son Karl has been wonderful and has saved us so much money. Once painting has been finished, the new steps will go in and the new blinds. I can hardly wait to see the end result! I will post pics as soon as the furniture and other decorations are in place. The new wall in the computer room (the main entry to the house) is going to be turned into a floor to ceiling bookcase. We are going to put in a desk which will take up the length of another wall and, hopefully, hold all out computer gear. It should give us a little more room to move in.

We had a good week of fine weather, so we trundled off to the wholesale paint place and purchased all our painting needs. My grandson Rhys gurneyed the roof and then Karl spraypainted it. It looks like a totally new roof! It was good, because the whole roof got checked out for any prospective leaks and fixed where it needed it. The entertainment area roof was also leakproofed and, when time and weather permit, will also be spraypainted. I must say I'm very relieved because it won't be too long, before the next Wet Season.

In the process of all the work going on, Karl and I have acquired quite a few new 'toys' for our respective workshops. I suspect that some of mine, might find their way to his, for a prolonged sleepover.

Our new grandson, Seth, is now just over 11wks old and thriving. There were a few hiccups in finding a suitable formula for him, but he's now on a soy suppliment and is much more content. Jodie has gone back to work in Childcare, which is a bonus, because she can have Seth at the same centre she works in. It's amazing to see my son turn to mush, when he's around the baby!

We still have my daughter Deena living with us. Houses are just about impossible to find at the moment and I have the feeling that she may have to move into an unit. I guess we could end up with Ziggy (her dog) as a permanent boarder. We don't mind, he's a lovely little mutt and Zelda likes the company. Deena's son Rhys, now has a job with Vodaphone, which is a relief. He also has an attractive new girlfriend and yet another reason for not donating his time to our renovations.

I have an appointment at the hairdressers this afternoon. My usual hairdresser is off with a bad back (result of a car accident a few years ago), so I'll have to make do with a quick wash and blow wave. It's a pity, because I really wanted to look good for my dinner date with Rob tonight. Anyway, I'd better go find something to wear and tart myself up, ready for the big night out! It will be dinner at Perrotta's...a favourite spot...but I still miss the Blue Cheese pizza from the Normanhurst Cafe.

Have a good one, friends - We will!


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