September 01, 2006

Was it Really so Long Ago?

I ask the question and already know the answer.
Today marks the 50th Anniversary of my arrival in Australia. It also marks the beginning of a love affair that will last as long as I breath.

I was very nearly 14 when my parents decided to uproot our lives and emigrate. It was a huge step and one I wasn't really keen to make. It meant leaving the rest of our family, our pets and our friends, not to mention all hope I had of going on to University. Making a fresh start in a new country isn't an inexpensive venture. I want to say now, that it was worth the sacrifices we made.

We were "10 pound(stg) tourists"...Pommies, but we were accepted by the wonderful people in Rockhampton, where we first settled. It was a joy to live the way Aussie kids did back then. I am of a generation of Australians who grew up in a small town and had very few restrictions. At weekends and school holidays, we would get up at first light and a group of us would peddle our bikes out into the surrounding country. No one worried about us - we would be home at sunset, hungry and ready for bed. We had no TV, no computers and no video games. There were pinball machines, but they were viewed with suspicion.

I've travelled, lived and worked in most States in Australia and I've experienced so much. If I'd stayed in the UK, I would probably have never left the place. I would never have had the family I now have or have seen my second generation Australian grandchildren. I wouldn't have my husband or the lovely life we share.

I just want to say 'Thank You God' for letting me be an Aussie!


Posted by Midus at 11:43 AM