October 10, 2006

What's Happening at Riverstone Rd.?

Hi All!
Time for an update on life at our place.

Firstly renovations are progressing...albeit not as fast as we'd like. The blinds are up in the lounge room and, apart from the doors needing to be removed, sanded and painted/varnished, there is just some touching up to do. Oh and the new stair treads need to be finished. The room looks brilliant! The main walls are a soft white with just a hint of gold. The colour is called 'Sarah's Place'. The feature wall is a rather odd shade of green entitled 'Field Maple'. It's one of those colours that looks far better than you could imagine from a colour chip. With all the furniture in place, the room seems much bigger than it used to. The new blinds certainly add the finishing touch...they are a fine woven bamboo - so fine that they are see through, but cut the sunlight and make the room much cooler. Now all we have to do is put up the Javanese and Balinese artifacts. I have a necklace from the Hill Tribes in Thailand...antique silver, which I've mounted and framed. It will be a lovely focal point on the feature wall. All in all, the room looks quite tropical, but without the bright colours associated with the word.

The kitchen and dining room have been the focus of attention over the last week or so. Rob took a week off from work to do the main work. We had fun stripping the wallpaper - NOT! He ended up washing the glue off the walls with #7 Thinners. All the walls, where they aren't tiled, are now a soft creamy colour - just 1/2 shade darker than the cupboards and tiles in the kitchen. Rob's worked so hard and it's his first project that he's tackled on his own. I'm really proud of him. We have timber ceilings in the kitchen/ dining room and also a set of cedar louvres that open into the feature wall of the lounge - the wood tones add warmth. The dining room has one huge, high wall, which I intend to use as a display for many of our pictures, collected over the years. Once all the trims and the skirting have been painted, I'm going to have fun (nightmares) working out where to put them!

When those rooms, which have been finished, are back in order, I'm going to concentrate on my poor garden. It's in real need of some TLC. Eventually we will get back to the house...the new laundry still needs to be sheeted on three walls, the water pipes need rerouting and the new laundry tub unit needs installing...then it needs painting. I've come to regard the smell of paint as a good thing - it means 'completion'.

Now for some other updates:
My daughter Deena has a place to live. I found it through the net and Courthouse Realty (the agents) were really great and actually phoned us when they said they would. She now lives in a lovely Villa at Kewarra Beach, one of our northern suburbs...and yes, there really is a beautiful beach! It's a small area and not many tourists find their way there. It's large for a villa - 3brms, study, lounge, kitchen. dining room, ensuite and bathroom. It's also less than a year old, which is a definate plus! Add to that a huge garage with auto door and a large patio area out the back, and you have a lovely home with little or no maintenance. Just what the doctor ordered. It's also cut her travelling time from 3hrs per day to 1 1/2hrs - giving her more time to relax and study.

Our new grandson, Seth, is now 20wks old and thriving! He's teething, so making himself heard. His daddy is still totally besotted by him and his mummy wants to be with him every waking moment. He has them wrapped around his little fingers and his toes too!

We had a BBQ on Sunday night (my birthday was on Friday). Deena prepared the salads and Rhys (grandson) suprised me by taking over the cooking! Deen, Rhys and Jodie, Karl & Seth, gave me two large copper patio flares from the Jamie Dury Patio collection. They are going to look terrific when the warm nights arrive. My darling Rob gave me a box of authentic Turkish Delight...he found a Turkish Cafe in Cairns and decided to indulge me. He spoils me rotten...but then, I'm worth it!

Zelda had a trip to the vets last week. She has a large lump at the base of her skull. The vet says it's a soft tissue injure caused by a bump to the head. She's always crunching into something or other, so it's not suprising really. Rob adds antibiotic drops to her food at night to make sure it doesn't become infected. It's a closed injury, but the blood needs to be dispersed.

Ziggy (Deena and Rhys' dog) is now a fixture at our place. They can't have a pet at the new place. He really is a charactor. He has a very narrow black 'moustache' and Rob nicknamed him 'Errol' after the late Mr.Flynn. So now we have two dogs to care for...but then I guess that means we get twice the love back.

Anyway...gotta go - lots to do!
See you latter.


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