January 31, 2007

Where did Dec/Jan go?

Here it is, very nearly February, and I don't seem to have had January yet!

Our Christmas was, as anyone who reads Rob's site knows, somewhat subdued - to say the least.
We had a death in my daughter-in-law's family. Her brother-in-law was struck down with a brain aneurism on the Friday before Christmas and was transported to Brisbane, where he died on the 28th. We had two of his three small children with us at Karl's place over Christmas, while their mother was with their Dad. They flew down on the 27th to say goodbye. The funeral was on January 5th.

The day prior to the 5th, I started to have stomach pains. There was some sort of virus doing the rounds...usual acute time was 48hrs. Mine lasted nearly 2weeks. While I still had the damned thing, I got a visit from my old 'friend' Trigeminal Neuralgia - just to make me feel really good. Finally, I appear to be free of it, with no pain for the last two days. Boy I really do appreciate the time when I don't have it!!!

Now for some brighter news! My granddaughter Brook, has decided that she's had enough of Melbourne and has booked her ticket for Cairns! She will be staying with us for a while and then moving over to Karl and Jodie's place. She will be completing her final year of high school and then, hopefully, going to University. My daughter Deena lives within a short bus ride of the Uni, so Brook will move out to her place then.

We had plans to do the renovations on the spare room shortly, but thats had to be put off for a while as we need it for Brook to use. What's the old saying about telling God your plans? We have appointments made at the school and application forms for after school jobs for her already, so she's going to be a busy girl. We still have to go buy school uniforms and books, so she's not the only one that's going to be busy. She arrives late in the evening of Feb.6th and Rob is taking the Wednesday off work to spend with us and drive us around - I don't drive as much as I used to these days. Truth be known, I rather like the idea of sharing the day with him.

It's been as hot as Hades here...the Wet has finally started and the temperature has been above 35oC for most of the last week or so. It's raining in the afternoons (sometimes mornings too) and at night time, so with the high temps it's like living in a Sauna. Not happy Jan!!! (I guess only Aussies will get that reference.) There appears to be a low forming in the Gulf of Carpentaria, which will bear watching, as it is also our Cyclone Season. We could well do without a repeat performance of last April's cyclone.

Not only has the heat befuddled our brains, but it's also played merry hell with our computers. Rob installed a couple of additional fans in my case and another in his. Hopefully it should solve our problems.

The dogs are feeling the heat too and trying to sneak into our bedroom at night, when we have the AC on. Not that we blame them for that! At least we don't have to spend the day wearing fur coats.

Anyway, it's close to midnight, so I'd better close this post and go to bed. I DO love my bed after the energy sapping days we are having.

Sorry it's been so long since I posted, but I really didn't feel like it. I promise not to leave it so long before I post again.


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