February 13, 2007


Yesterday was unbearably hot - 36oC (96.8F)...and I chose that day to make a slow simmering curry! Not a hot one, but the heat in the kitchen wasn't nice at all. When Brook came home from school I weakened and put the A/C on. I wish we could use it more, but I HATE the power bills when we do. It's going to be cooler today - by two degrees C.

Speaking of Brook: She arrived safe and sound last Tuesday night. (Hardly seems possible she's been here a week!) Wednesday was spent enrolling her in the Gordonvale High School, shopping for a school uniform and her stationary needs. School books are available from the school on a hire scheme, which I find really sensible. Her auntie Deena took the day off work and came shopping with us, which was fun.

Brook also put in her resume for after school work at the local IGA store and on Monday morning, before leaving for school, she applied for a job over the road at the Caltex Service Station. When she came home, there was a msg on her phone asking her to start work at 4pm today...Tuesday at the servo. It's less than a minute's walk away, so no exuses for being late for work!

I think she enjoyed her first week-end here. Deena and my grandson Rhys, took her to the Casino in Cairns. I think they got back to Deena's place at about 4am. Deena drove her back to Gordonvale and her uncle Karl's house and they spent the afternoon with his wife and the baby. She came home to pick up some clothes and then went back and spent the night there. Jodie's brother dropped her off on Sunday morning. On Sunday afternoon she went to Lake Tinaroo (on the Atherton Tablelands) with Deena and went sailing with Tim - Deena's b/friend. It was her first time and it was pretty rough, but from what I was told, she really loved the strong winds...even though they nearly capsized a couple of times. I think she's fitting into the family quite well!

Poor Rob is still having computer problems. This time it looks like his power supply has had the Richard! When he removed it, it had three, rather singed, connections. I'm suprised it didn't do more damage. I think he's close to having his fill of computers. So far he's fixed mine, put new fans in his, built a computer for Brook from spare parts that Karl and he had in their rat's nests and rebuilt Karl's machine...all this in the space of just over a week! All this from a bloke who decided a career in IT wasn't for him!

The week-end before Brook arrived we did our training for the Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme. It was a week-end well spent. It wasn't what either of us really expected. We learned more about ourselves than anything else. We also met a great group of people - most of them we would never come into contact with under normal circumstances. Most of us adjourned to Brother's League Club afterwards for a few drinks and to get to know each other on a different level and share our thoughts on the training sessions. All in all the week-end was a very positive experience.

It's not 10am yet and already the thermometer shows 32oC...I think I'm only going to venture outside if I really have to! Rob and Brook took the dogs for a run at 6am and Zelda and Ziggy are collapsed on the tiles under the fan. Here's hoping they stay that subdued for the rest of the day.

New Falsh! - Rob has just been asked to take on Mentee and will be meeting him next Tuesday after work! That's what I call quick work.

Anyway...back to housework for me...catch you later!


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