March 07, 2007

It's Finally Stopped!

Hi All!

The rain seems to have let up for a while. We had 3 low pressure systems hovering around for about a week, but the heavy rain did us a huge favour. It cooled the sea temperature and stopped them joining up and intensifying into a cyclone. The lower sea temps have also stopped a lot of damage to the Great Barrier Reef by lowering the chance of coral bleaching. So it was a win/win situation!

We've had a chance to work in the garden too. Rob mowed, whippersnipped and I've done some weeding and a little pruning. The pruning, in it's entirity, is going to be a job for this weekend. There's a massive amount to be done. The shrubs have more than doubled in size and are taking it's "hair cut" time.

Brook's been here for over a month now and seems to have settled in OK. She's bought sailing boots and gloves and has joined a learners class at the Tinaroo Sailing Club. It's good that her auntie Deena can take her when she goes sailing herself. Brook's been wanting to get her "abs" back and leaning out over the side of a yacht is one really good (if strenuous) way of developing them again.

I had the pleasure of going to her Induction for the Senior Year at her High School last week. It was quite a nice afternoon with parents and guests taking a plate of goodies for general consumption. As usual, I took Devilled Eggs and they went down well. I wonder why it is that mothers don't realize that teenagers prefer savory food over sweet? There was a heap of cake etc left over...but things like sushi disappeared at an alarming rate.

We seem to be playing "Swaps" with kids at the moment. My 20yr old grandson Rhys, has gone to live in Melbourne...he has a job and a girlfriend there and is staying with Brooks mum, Gemma. Poor Deena, Rhy's mum, now has a 3 bedroom villa to rattle around in, on her own. I know she really misses him, but he'll be flying back for his 21st birthday party in June.

It looks like Tiger Airways will be setting up a nation wide network and with that, there should be some really cheap fares. Brook is already planning to book ahead for her school holidays etc. I can see me taking a few trips to the GoldCoast and Melbourne to catch up with family too. Cheap airfares are what's really needed when you live in such a big country. Who knows...if they are cheap enough, we might even get to visit Suzanne and John in Hawaii if that's on their agenda. Of course that all depends on getting a reliable 'dog sitter'...Oh Broooook!

Rob and I have had a lousy couple of weeks...both of us have had some sort of tummy bug, that's made us really miserable. Fortunately it appears to have subsided.

Rob has been busy with his gaming mates lately and will be meeting up with them for another social get together this evening. I can't go, because it's right after work and we live too far out for me to get there without having to catch a bus. I'm not really enthusiastic about sitting on a bus for an hour. Rob also has his mentee, with whom he spent a couple of hours last Saturday. I'm assured they had great fun 10 pin bowling. Next time it looks as though the mentee is going to be teaching the mentor how to fish. Now that's something I'd love to see!

The dogs are both well and lazing around in the heat. Their morning run has been suspended...they are nearly impossible to take out together! They play up rotten - so I've ordered a couple of Halti Leashes. They are guaranteed to make them behave. The Halti fits around the muzzle and the leash extends from that...I'm sure you've all seen them. The maker reckons that your 90yr old grandma can walk the dog on one of these leads - We'll see if a 30yrold and an 18 yr old can too!

Anyway...time for lunch and then a look at the garden when it cools off a little.
Catch you all later!


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Seth Mess.JPG

Seth loves fingerpainting...especially when the canvas is himself and/or his highchair!
He was 8mths when this pic was taken but he's nearly 10mths now and he's taken his first step.

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