May 19, 2007

Over the Rainbow Bridge.

Hi All...
It's been a while since I've posted. Lack of time and enthusiasm, to be absolutely honest, being the chief reasons.

When I left Gordonvale six years ago, to live with Rob in Sydney, my son Karl took on my old dog Bow. She was just coming up to her 9th birthday then, but she was pretty fit and hardy. Bow was a German Shepherd/Rottweiler X and a pretty big girl. She was born on my eldest daughter's birthday, 15th May and she had her 15th birthday on Tuesday.

Karl and his family left for Cooktown on Friday evening, leaving Bow and his other dog, Ruby to guard the property. He left lots of food and water and we voluntered to check on them today and Sunday, before they arrived home in the evening.

Tonight, after seeing a movie in town, Rob, myself and Brook, checked in on them before going home. Ruby came to meet us...but not Bow. At first we thought it was because she was stone deaf, but we quickly realized that she was on her mat and had died quiet peacefully, sometime during the day.

Old dogs know things. Bow chose my late husband's birthday - May 19th, to take her final 'walkies'.He was her first 'master'. It was a blessing that she passed away while Karl wasn't there. He was dreading anything happening to her and most of all hated the thought of having her put to sleep. Now he doesn't have to.

Right now the poor old girl is resting in a working, but normally unused freezer in our garage. It's been pretty hot here and it seemed like the answer to the problem. Karl can bury her when he's up to it.

God bless old dogs...and young ones too. They bring so much joy and comfort.


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