July 19, 2007

Time Rushes By.

I've only just realized that it's been three months since I last posted...and that's far too long!

Lots of things happening at our end of the ether.
Firstly, harking back to my last post, Bow was laid to rest and has a lovely birdbath as her marker. It's nice to think she's at rest in a garden she loved.

Next, we had my Grandson Rhys's 21st birthday party on June 23rd. He flew up from Melbourne, together with his aunt Gemma and my youngest granddaughter Christine.(Brook's mother and sister) Gemma and Christine stayed with us...it was a bit like playing sardines. Christine is autistic and it was the first time we've met her -even though she's 4yrs old. I found her to be a dear little girl, but a bit of a handful. She's had a very rough start in life - they removed a large tumour from her heart and lung when she was only 2 1/2 and then she was diagnosed with autism. I have great respect for those who live and work with autistic kids - it's draining! Brook was so happy to see her sister again it was really lovely. The family all attended the birthday party, which was at my son Karl's house.The Melbourne contingent only stopped for two nights, but it was great to see them.

We had a "break" for a couple of weeks, in which time Karl finished the laundry. It's wonderful to have a seperate and fully functional laundry and the dogs are thrilled too, because they get to use it as a bedroom at night time. It's been pretty cold here. We got down to 6o C one night...unheard of in this neck of the woods! We actually put a couple of Rob's undershirts on them as they were really miserable. They didn't even care that they looked silly.

During those two weeks, I worked hard in the garden, spreading woodchip and tending my veges...which this year I have in large pots. We've got rid of the old vege patch and intend, in the not too distant future, to put in a paved area and a gazebo, so that we can sit there and read. Then, a month ago, a friend who worked for vegetation clearing business (mainly tree lopping) delivered about 8 cu meters of woodchip and mulch...I spent the next week spreading it on the gardens.

After the break we started on Rob's 30th birthday celebrations. First there was a lunch, followed by a movie. The movie? Why the new Transformers film - Rob is an enthusiast from waaaaay back. Optimus Prime has pride of place next to his computer. His actual birthday was on July 11th...so he took the week off to enjoy it. We held an official birthday party on Friday the 13th. About 20 of us got together to launch him into officially being an adult...well that was the general intent - how successful it will be is another thing!

The nicest thing that happened for Rob's birthday was a visit from my eldest daughter Jacqui and her daughter Kate. They too are from Melbourne and flew up for a holiday. They spent the first 4 days at the Cairns Colonial Club resort...doing the usual tourist things and Jacqui got a chance to show Kate around the places she grew up. For the last 4 days they moved over to our place and Katie got to meet her relatives in this part of the world. I know from her mum's report, that she really enjoyed it. We loved having them here and do wish we could see more of them.

Once the house was empty again, I started in on the task of growing our own veges. This time I vowed to grow them all in pots. It's been pretty successful too. We then decided to replace all the old timber railway sleepers, that edged the garden beds, with concrete sleepers. Rob and Karl are still doing this, when time permits.

Unfortunately/fortunately, I got the bug for providing veges for the family. I joined a gardening club (on-line) who can provide me with 'Heritage' seeds...no GM junk thank you! I love veges that taste as they were intended to. Not only that but, as Karl's wife Jodie, is expecting again, it's important that she has the freshest possible. Actually it's important that we ALL have that chance. My plan to only grow in pots has gone out the window. Now the menfolk are building me garden beds that stretch for the length of the back fence. We are keeping them narrow, so that they are easier for me to tend. Hopefully, I will be able to grow just about all the veges we need and the supermarkets can go jump! The price of lettuce here is prohibitive and I do enjoy going out into the backyard and cutting leaves that taste like lettuce. You wouldn't believe the way the tomatoes taste after the pap you get in the markets!

Anyway...that's enough of my ramblings...the laundry is waiting for my attention. I promise not to wait soooo long before my next entry.


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