September 28, 2007

Hi all!
The main vege bed is complete except for the surrounding pebble path. It isn't quite the width of the garden...just 18mtrs, but it's large enough. It's already 80% filled with seedlings. Not only did I end up with a huge vege patch, but a watering system that covers most of the other garden beds as well.

My son Karl took on the project and, as he never does anything half-arsed, it ended up bigger than Ben Hur! I hate garden hoses, but there is something theraputic about watering the garden. Now I trot around turning taps and switching outlets...I still get to water the middle garden bed and the ones close to the house, not to mention my collection of hanging pots. I must say it's great not having to water the veges by hand though.

This week-end we are getting a new cupboard in the kitchen. It's going to be next to the pantry cupboard and as tall, but not quite as wide. I got sick of having electrical appliances cluttering up my work space. Most of them are stored in under counter cupboards, but there are a few that are too tall to fit. Now I will have a designated storage area for them, within easy reach of the working area. Not only that, it will cut down on the need to continually wipe the dust from them. The heavier items in the low cupboard will also be easier to access in their new home.

We had our trip to Brisbane on September 16th. Before we booked into our accomodation, we took the Airlink train into the City. Rob had never been to Brisbane, so wanted to check it out. He discovered that it is just the same as most other cities...same stores, same hi-rise design. We escaped to Dymocks Bookstore and indulged ourselves until it was time to catch a Taxi to Boondal.

The motel we stayed at was quite close to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, which was just as well, considering that traffic into the centre was just about at gridlock as performance time neared. Steely Dan were were terrific, but I do wish they had performed, at least, a couple of my favorite numbers. I know that Rob thoroughly enjoyed himself though. (Judging by the ear to ear grin on his face.)

After a late breakfast, which we finished just prior to check-out time, we took a cab to the Airport. That had us there at 11am...2 1/2hrs prior to our flight home. The 2 1/2hrs stretched to 3 1/2 hrs. Fog had delayed flights in the early morning and flowed on through to the afternoon. We were really glad to touch down in Cairns. We took a taxi to the Casino in town, where we had left the car overnight. Rob has monthly parking there, as it's close to his work and much more convenient than trying to find on street parking.

Getting home and seeing the dogs again was lovely. You'd have thought we'd been away for a week. I guess we have turned into Homebodies.

Today Gordonvale is covered by a smoke haze. The National Parks authority are conducting a 'controlled' burn, in the mountains to the west of us. There's no such thing! I've been spotting trees on fire outside the area they are burning. The wind suits itself and no matter how they try, sparks are going to get away from them. I hope it isn't going to last for long, because I'm now used to breathing clean air.

Anyway...that's all the 'news' I can think of right now, so I'll catch you all later.


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