October 15, 2007

Still at It!

Another garden update:

The veges are thriving! The first lettuce are just about ready to pick and so are the radishes and lots of asian veges . I have tiny beans appearing all over the plants. The black russian tomatoes (in a drum) have started to ripen and also the capsicums and chillies.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a particularly productive day - work wise, in the garden. I cultivated the soil around the veges and then planted sweet corn, more tomatoes, some 'companion' basil, more lettuce and silverbeet. We decided to incorporate the small herb garden on the sunny side of the pawpaw mound with the pumpkin patch. Rob fenced it off to protect it from the dogs and turned the soil over. It's gratifying to see how good the soil is...lots of leaf compost and soil I've added over the years + mulch has certainly paid off.

We now have cucumbers planted next to the mesh fence, horseradish, dill, curry plant, more strawberries and 5 different types of basil. They join the herbs that I already had there. I also enriched the small bed next to the house and planted new tomato plants there.

I noticed that a gardenia bush, that I'd dispaired of ever getting to thrive, has all new leaves and is covered in flowers. I guess the epsom salts, that I fed it two weeks ago, really did the trick!

Rob also dug over an area near the driveway gates for me. The Kaffir Lime, Bay tree and Rosellas are going to find a home there. All I have to do is pull out the remnants of lawn, put down hay and fresh soil, water and then plant.

I don't think Rob will ever be a gardening enthusiast, but he is willing to put in the hard yards for me. I think he gets a kick out of seeing the garden thriving and knowing that he had a lot to do with it. He's even begining to enjoy eating the pawpaws!

Next weekend will be time to use the seaweed fertilizer (all organic) again. One thing about a garden...there's NEVER nothing to be done!


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