December 27, 2007

Hi Everyone!
No sooner do I seem to get through one Christmas, than another one appears from nowhere. I think my resolution for the New Year, is going to be "start Christmas Shopping in February." At least it won't be able to sneak up on me, next time.

It's been a pretty good year for us. Most of the renovations are finished. Those that aren't are really only waiting on my son Karl, to have time. He's a very busy man, so they could be a while yet. Our health has been good, over all, so no real complaints there. I've had some very expensive dental work done, so no longer feel worried about smiling. I really have to thank my darling Rob, for insisting I go ahead with it.

Rob has the entire week off, after New Years Eve, so he and I, will be getting stuck in to renovating the spare bedroom...seeing as it will actually be empty during that time. I'm hoping it's going to be a little bit cooler while we are doing it.

Our youngest grandson Seth is thriving and now 18 months old. He's a real little charmer and a motor bike nut to boot! In March (I think) he will have a new little brother to terrorize. The family is expanding without me having to do a thing.

This year we've had our granddaughter Brook stay with us. We had visits from her Mum, Gemma, and her little sister Christine. Then my daughter Jacqui and our granddaughter Kate came from Melbourne for Rob's 30th birthday. It was lovely to see them all again.

My daughter Deena has a new job. She's an accountant and has taken over as manager for a new accountancy practice. She let the villa she was renting go. It was too far to travel. She moved in with us for a while, but now she and Brook are renting a house in the same street that Karl and his family live in. That means that Deena can get her daily "fix" of Seth!

Brook finished her secondary schooling this year and we all went to the Graduation Formal. Deena made her dress and she looked stunning. Hopefully I can manage to post a pic before long.

Christmas itself, was hectic, as usual. It seemed to be a constant round of cooking and clearing up afterwards. I had some really nice presents...I love all of them.

We, here, all had a wonderful late Christmas absolutely poured with rain last night! It cooled the place down no end. Hopefully it will continue today, otherwise it will be very steamy.

I must tell you about a very special thing that's going on. Outside our back dorr into the entertainment area and garden, we have a collection of windchimes and temple bells. Not long ago, I started to notice leaf litter on the ground. I didn't think too much about it and then my daughter spotted what was going on. A male Sunbird had started to make a nest on a string of bells! He was very smart...using a bell as a protective hood over the top of his nest. Over the days it rapidly took shape. I got Rob to loop the string up higher, out of the dog's reach. These little birds love nesting close to human habitat and are wonderful to watch. There is now a female in residence and, hopefully, in the new year, we will be hearing the cheeping of babies.

The Peewees (Magpie Larks) have already hatched their young and there are mother birds around, followed by their hungry youngsters. It's lovely to watch them running after mum with their mouths open, chirping demandingly.

Today I have to attack the fridges. So much food left over! Now I have to go through it and see what is salvagable. There's an entire ham that's not been touched. I'm going to have to slice it and freeze it. We should have ham sandwiches for the next 3months! I'll also be making huge pots of chicken and vege soup and some curries. Next Christmas will be much easier, because we are going to my son and daughter-in-law's place. All I have to do then, is ask what they need us to take. Still, there is one thing, after today, all I'll have to do, is reach into the freezer for dinner!

Deena and Brook are driving to Melbourne on New Years Day. They are taking down Deena's car for her son Rhys. She has his car here but it needs some work on doing to it. It has a towbar and she needs one for towing her sailboat. They will spend a week there and fly back on the 10th of January. It's a very long drive but they are going the inland route, so it should only take them 2 1/2 days...allowing for overnight stops. Rhys is paying all their running expenses and has had a GPS fitted for them. It should be quite an adventure for the two of them.

I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2008 is kind to you and yours. I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that it's a kinder year for the entire World.

Love to all of you,

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