January 29, 2008

A belated Happy New Year to all of you!

Lot's of news.
Firstly, the young Honey Eaters have left the nest and taken up residence in the Bankok Rose bushes in the dog run.
It's lovely to hear them twittering away, whilst they feed.

Rob, Karl and myself took on the task of renovating the guest room. It's like walking into a whole different room - thank goodness! Next on the agenda, after a break to catch our collective breath, is our bedroom and dressing room. I think it can wait for a while as we are all pretty busy with other things that need doing. Karl, especially, has a lot on his plate. Jodie and Karl are expecting the new addition to the family quite soon and he needs to do a lot of work on their place before he (yes it's another boy) arrives. I can't say enough to thank my son. He's given so much of his time to us and saved us soooooooo much money.

The first guests in our 'new' room arrived on Jan 22nd. Cameron and Linda, good friends from Sydney, came to spend 5 days with us. It was great to have their company ... even if I did have to fight to get a word in edgewise with Cameron. We had a BBQ on the 23rd to celebrate Brook's 19th birthday which gave our friends a chance to 'meet the mob'. It was a nice evening and I think Brook appreciated it.

On Saturday, Australia Day and Cameron and Linda's last evening with us, I got a call from my daughter Deena, informing me that the 'mob' was again decending on us for a BBQ and that they were bringing the food. Karl supplied 5kgs of prawns, which was lovely and most welcome. I was thinking how unusual it was for the kids to give me warning that they were coming, when I had the feeling that they were bringing another guest with them. I told Rob that I thought my daughter Jenny was coming...I 've not seen her for nearly nine years. We don't always see eye to eye, but I've never given up on her and have rung her a few times recently. Sure enough, when Deena pulled up, there was Jenny! She'd come to Cairns for the 21st party of her best friend's daughter and decided it was time to mend fences too. It was a really nice party, with 13 of us all told.

Cameron and Linda left early on Sunday morning. Rob took them into the Cairns Railway Station, while I caught up on some housework. We were sorry they could only spend such a short time with us, but the heat really got to them...especially Cameron. I think he was quite pleased to wave goodbye to the Tropical Far North!

Monday was the Australia Day Holiday and Jenny's last day here too. Her plane left at 5pm, so we were invaded again, for lunch this time. We ate in the dining room, with the air con going full blast. I think it would have taken an army to have moved Jenny from the cool! It was lovely and so good to have most of the family together. It was a pity that they couldn't all have been here. I know Jenny was looking forward to getting home to the GoldCoast and her AirCon and swimming pool.

Rob and I were relaxing last night and I decided to move my lazy self and get the washing in. It was hung in the undercover entertainment area. As I was folding the final towel, I spotted something crawling on the cement floor. I thought, at first, it was a small cane toad. When I took a closer look, I found a really tiny bat! I managed to coax it onto my hand and then onto my shirt. It didn't appear to be injured, just unable to fly. We transfered it into a shoe box. It was less than 2 inches long and black, with a dear little face. Rob rang Wildlife Rescue and a very helpful lady told us that it was probably an insect eating bat. She suggested hanging a shirt on the outside clothes line, encouraging the bat to attach itself and then leave it and check back later. Apparently they can't fly away from a prone position on the ground and fall victim of dogs and cats etc. When we looked later, it had, much to my relief, flown away. I did a search this morning and identified it as a Gould's Wattled Bat, which are quite common in this area. I 've never seen such a tiny bat - I've actually seen moths that are much bigger!

Time for me to go do some work around the place...though I'd much rather read a book...actually I think I might just do that instead.

Until next time I have some news,
Take care and have a great 2008!


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