March 28, 2008

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Hi Everyone!
Easter was an eventful time for the family. We welcomed our newest member in the early hours of Easter Sunday.
His name is Dean Andrew. Dean is the second boy for my son Karl and his wife Jodie...and a little brother for Seth. The picture was taken when he was 36hrs old. This my 10th grandchild (5th grandson). Dean is also the second 'official' grandson for Rob - we've had two born since we were married in 2004.

Now back to the other news from the homestead:
The torrential rain seems to have stopped. The garden is a jungle and the vege patch is a disaster area. Rob is taking 3 weeks of annual leave in April. The intention is to finish the renovations and then spend time getting the garden back into shape. Hopefully we may also find some time to get away from the house and have some time to ourselves. I'm so pleased that we had the forethought to buy enough paint, tiles and timber to finish the house, because, with the rise in interest rates, it would be nearly impossible for us to afford it now. Every week is a challenge, but Rob is pretty good with finances when they need juggling.

We've started shopping at a meat wholesaler. Not only do they supply some really lovely meat - in a huge variety, but they have catering packs of other items - frozen veges, calamari, spring rolls etc and a wide variety of deli goods. I found we can save heaps and eat really well. Until the vege garden gets back into production, we are taking the trip to the markets on a Saturday morning - another way of saving. I buy other items from the supermarket in the largest size I can get and I'm saving there too.

My daughter Deena is giving Rob a lift to work 4 days a week and won't accept any money. Not only is it saving on petrol costs for us, but parking has dropped by about $90 per month. Rob is back doing his shift at the Community Radio Station on Thursday evenings, reading the News for the Print Handicapped and that's the reason it's only 1 day a week that he takes the car.

Our granddaughter Brook went for her initial interview and testing for enlistment in the Navy on Wednesday. So far it looks very good. She's having to wait for some paperwork from Sydney and Melbourne. After that's submitted, she will have her physical exam etc. She has another interview by phone scheduled for Monday. The recruitment officer was keen to get her in the next intake (she wants to do Electronics) in April, but the hold up with the paperwork means that she has to wait until the next one. Fingers crossed for her please, because the Navy is where she wants to be.

Rob, Deena and Brook played in an indoor soccer team for The Cairns Post. The team name was 'Run Forrest, Run'. I'm pleased to report that they won the finals! They beat a team that was previously undefeated. Well Done!

Still on the sport front, my granddaughter Elyse (aged 15) took part in the Queensland State Life Saving Titles in the under 17yrs section. She is now State Champion. Not only did she do well in the teams events and individual races, but she won the Iron Woman section...taking out every event. Now she is off to Perth in April for the Australian Championships. Her mum (Jenny) and her dad will be travelling with her. I'll let you know how she goes. Needless to say, we are all very proud of her.

I think that's all on the newsfront from this neck of the woods, so.....

Catch you all later.

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