June 17, 2008

Tightening the Belt.

Hi All!

How are you all travelling with the financial problems that most of our countries are facing?

I don't know about you, but the increase in interest rates have hit us where it hurts. Our repayments have doubled over the last 6mths and on our income, that's not comfortable. I'd absolutely hate to be in the shoes of a new home buyer now. The obvious decline in home buying makes me wonder where people are going to live. Sure there are houses for rent but the cost of renting is horrendous! Average rental for this area, seems to be about $320 pw. Units (apartments) are renting for $250 upwards...depending if you have a view or not...oh and that's unfurnished.

Rob and I might bitch about repayments etc, but I honestly think we are soooo lucky. We may be stuck with the interest on our loan, but, as I said last post, we were able to buy all the materials for our renovations before prices skyrocketed. Speaking of renovations, we have now finished nearly all of ours. The hallway needs repainting and the doors in the lounge + the bathroom ceiling. We also have to finish off the steps from the kitchen to the lounge with a coat of varnish. The makeover on our bedroom is phenominal! It bears no resemblance to the overcrowded, stuffy room it once was. The wallpaper and carpet are gone...Hooray! So are the ugly wall bracket lights, replaced with bedside lamps with wicker shades.

The floor has vinyl tiles and the walls are a very subtle colour called Cocoa Parfait. We used the same colour in the computer room. It looks nice in the computer room but in the bedroom it is just brilliant. It blends perfectly with the quilt and pillow shams which are an odd sort of bronze, edged with chocolate brown. We have a couple of dark purple rugs which bring all the colours together.

Above our bed is a print I picked up in New Mexico. It's a painting of a Native American Indian woman. She is seated on the ground and is wrapped in a blanket which echoes all the colours of the room. The curtains are cream linen- which makes the room much lighter. I get a real buzz everytime I walk in there.

I must add that the curtain hanging was not without incident. Rob was finishing drilling the holes for the rail, when he jumped of the small stepladder...right into the blades of the ceiling fan! He sustained a nasty gash to the top of his head, which bled like hell and needed 6 sutures - 3 internal and 3 external. He must have a thick skull because he never even complained of a headache. The blade of the fan is still a little bent out of shape.

Rob and I both had our Flu shots for the year, but they obviously got the possible strains wrong this year. I managed to catch it from my granddaughter Brook, who had a bad dose and passed it around very generously. It knocked me rotten for nearly three weeks. I am NOT a good patient.

We managed to finish the vege garden and are already eating lettuce and other goodies from it. We also bought a "Biosnakky Mini-Greenhouse" and we are raising trays of alfalfa, wheatgrass and salad shoots to suppliment our diet. Honestly, it was amazing to have alfalfa to eat just 4 days after 'planting'! We are eating less and less meat and my energy level is on the rise again. Not only that, we are also, unconciously eating less.

Our Rosella bush has produced a bumper crop in this, it's first year. On Sunday I made a batch of jam which is delicious. It's a fiddly job but the taste more than compensates. One jar has been earmarked for my daughter Jacqui and will be posted this week. (See Jacqui...I told you I'd make it!)

Rob purchased a new bicycle for me. I've not ridden it yet because, apart from my having the flu...to be quite honest, the damned seat is far too hard for my aging rear.LOL We are going shopping for a much more comfortable seat shortly and then I'll start riding again. I've not ridden a bike for over 30 yrs, so it should prove interesting!

Rob has been doing book reviews for one of the columns at the Cairns Post (the newspaper he works for)...it's not paid work, but he gets to keep the books. He rang me today to say that he picked up a couple of books, one of which is the latest James Patterson novel "Sail" which I've been itching to get my hands on. Gotta love free books!

Anyway, that's just about all the news from the Tropical North, so, until next time, bye!


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