August 26, 2008

Hi All!

Time for another update on life in the Far North of Queensland:

Winter here is the best time of the year. We could do with some rain, but I'm not complaining too much.
The garden is going great guns and we have a constant supply of lettuce, tomatoes, button squash, zuchini and, shortly, celery. The beetroot is about ready to pull too.

I made Jaboticaba Jelly (jam) on Sunday. We have a tree in our bush garden and it was loaded with fruit, so rather than keep giving surplus fruit away, I found a recipe and got to work. It's really delicious and makes toast rather special.

My granddaughter Brook is staying with us again. She's still working at the Caltex Service Station across the road and her shifts start at 4am and finish at 1pm. We didn't like the idea of her riding her bike to work at that time in the morning, so she's moved back in. So I'm back cooking and washing for 3 again.

Two weeks ago Gordonvale (where we live) held the annual Great Pyramid Race. Walsh's Pyramid is the largest free standing mountain in the world. It's weird - it just stands there without being part of the surrounding mountain ranges. The race has been held for the last 49yrs and now attracts runners from all over the world, not just locals.'s_Pyramid will give you some idea of what the challenge is like.
Here are the winners of the various sections and the times they ran.
I wouldn't even make it 1/2 way...even if I was on all fours!

Brook, on the other hand, climbed the Pyramid at 8am on the morning of the race. She's a member of the State Emergency Service and they volunteer, each year, to man water stops and first aid stations on the mountain. The water barrels are dropped off by helicopter but this year, instead of the chopper picking them up after the race, they had to be carried out on foot. (The chopper had to leave to transport a very sick child to hospital.) On the way down, Brook got a radio message that one of the other women had hurt her ankle. It turned out that it was fractured in two places. It was in an area where the helicopter would have been unable to land, so they had to put into practice what they were trained for and carry her out on a stretcher. The way down is treacherous and in places they had to lower the stretcher with ropes. It was 11pm by the time they made it off the mountain. It must have been an nightmare doing that decent in the dark! I know Brook was footsore the next day - though I might add that some of that may have been due to the fact that ,she and some friends, went clubbing at midnight! Oh to be 19 again!

Brook and Rob have set up the gym gear, that my son Karl, had left to clutter up our garage. Rob has lost a lot of weight lately, due to the fact that he walks quite a long way from where he parks the car. He also walks at lunch time. Now he needs to tone up. Brook on the other hand, needs to loose about 10kgs, so they have set goals and are trying to work towards them. My challenge at the moment, is to give up smoking...yet again!

Our good friends Cameron and Linda are getting married on Oct. 24th and have invited us to the wedding. It's going to be in Sydney. We can't afford both of us to go, so Rob will be going down for 4days and staying with one of our favourite people, Gavin. Gav's place is close to a railway station and will give Rob easy access go the places he has to go. It will give Rob a chance to see his father too. He's not seen him since we moved here in January 2005.

I'm going to be on the GoldCoast in January next year. I'm going down with my daughter Deena and her partner David, Karl, Jodie and their 2 boys. It's my eldest Granddaughter's 21st birthday and a chance for me to see her and her sister again. I've not seen them since 1998 so I'm looking forward to it. Rob is staying home to babysit the dogs. I bet he spends most of that time playing Halo 3 online!

Time for me to go hang out the laundry!
Catch you next time.


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