October 06, 2008

Hi all!
Rob and I had friends over on Saturday afternoon. I'd met Brett once, though Rob has known him for a while. Neither of us had met his wife Jo or their little boy Lachlan (2). She turned out to be a delightful young woman and their son is a joy. Jo is expecting their second child in February.

In our outside entertainment area are two glass top dining tables and chairs, which see quite a bit of use. We sat there eating nibblies and drinking coffee or cold water and chatting for a couple of hours. It was lovely getting to know them better and swapping stories of family etc. Lachlan finally gave in and curled up on his mum's lap and went to sleep.

I moved away from the table to get something and, as I turned around, the table at which we were actually sitting, disintergrated! If you've ever seen a car windscreen shatter, then you should be able to picture it. Everything that was on the table fell through into the gap and a large pitcher of water, the dome of my cheese tray and a couple of other things, smashed too. Needless to say, Lachlan didn't stay asleep! I was pretty glad that Jo wasn't closer to full term too!

Not one of us had a scratch - which was unbelievable. It took us ages to sweep up and dispose of all the glass. Neither Rob nor myself could remember when we purchased the setting, but we knew where it came from. I was begining to think that we would have to go through an insurance claim. Once our friends had left about an hour or so later, I started looking for the purchase docket...I tend to keep receipts ...and I found it!

Now this is the second piece of good luck - Rob gave it to me for my birthday last year and we were two days inside the 12mths warranty period!

We rang the store the next day and they told us to take it back in for a refund. Karl (son) came around with his ute and then we all went to return it. We chose a smaller 4 place setting, in a really nice design, as a replacement...ideal for breakfast or intimate dinners. We also came away with cash in hand for the difference in price.
When we went to the customer service counter, the lass there told us that her manager had instructed them to put the setting out to be trashed! There were six perfectly good chairs and the table frame. She said it was a waste and he said that no one would be bothered replacing the glass. She told him that she would, and she ended up with the set! So, apart from the fright it gave us, we all ended up winning.

Never a dull moment at our place!


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