November 27, 2008

Time Just Flys!

It hardly seems any time at all since I told you all about Brook joining the Navy, but here I am, telling you that she's Graduating from Basic Training on December 4th!

Actually it will be 11weeks...and we've missed her every single day. Not only the family, but our dogs and her work mates from the Service Station too. Each time I've been in there they ask how she's doing and when she will be home on leave. One really nice young man, with whom she is good friends, asked if she was coming home for Christmas and then offered to pay her airfare if she couldn't afford it! I explained that we had to wait and see if she had leave and that the Navy pays her fares home.

Now for the really big news! Brook rang a couple of days ago, told me to book a flight to Melbourne and gave me her credit card details to pay for it. She wants me to be there for the Graduation Ceremony on the evening of Dec.4th. I'd been feeling awful about not being able to go, so she decided I wasn't going to miss out. Did I tell you I love that girl?

I leave on Dec 3rd (Wednesday) and return at midnight Dec 7th. Not only will I get to see Brook again, but I'll be staying with my eldest daughter and my second youngest granddaughter - which is another absolute bonus! They will driving down to the Parade with me and be there for Brook as well.

As far as I know, once her weekend leave is over (provided that she's not on the duty roster) Brook will start her Electronics Technician training the following Monday. I have no idea how long the course is, but know that the initial part takes place at the School of Engineering, HMAS Cerberus, which is her base at the moment. Seeing as her 1st rank is Seaman Star (unqualified) it will probably be something like 8 months of study and prac.

Brook's no stranger to hard work and has a great work ethic. I know that she'll give 100% to getting her qualifications. I can't wait to give her a only regret is that Rob won't be there, because he and Brook are great mates. Still, someone has to baby sit the dogs and earn the bikkies.

I'll post again when I get back. I should have some good pics for you then too.


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